This Capital Campaign Drive is to assist Tillman House, which provides an affordable sober living community with support to encourage long-term sobriety for Graduates of The 24.

Many times, our residents are forced to move further into the suburbs without public transportation or the ability to stay connected to the community that they rely on. A large part of sobriety is dependant on staying connected, building a community, and being of service to others. This apartment which is in such close proximity to The 24 has the ability to help our residents strengthen their recovery, while also increasing Dallas 24 Hour Club’s maximum capacity to serve those seeking sobriety by over 60% (from 78 to 122) and shrink The 24’s Wait List as we can offer the option to discharge to a solid, safe, local apartment which offers a continuum of care. 


Tillman House will offer:

 Affordable housing with continuum of care provided: trained, on-site staff, recovery requirements, and random drug testing.

 “Real life” opportunities to learn how to live life independently: life skills, credit restoration, budgeting, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. in a safe, controlled environment.

 Opportunity to build a stronger foundation of Recovery by sponsoring others, honing their Step Work, and participating in sober Fellowship opportunities.

 Opportunity to reconnect with family members, especially their children in a more “normal” living environment.

Giving Options

$100,000 Building Naming Rights
$50,000 Naming Rights for a 2-Bedroom Apartment
$25,000 Naming Rights for a 1-Bedroom Apartment
$15,000 Naming Rights for a Bedroom
$5,000 Naming Rights for a Parking Space
$2,500 Naming Rights for a Bed



Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible