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National Pancake Day

Enjoy a Hubcap Pancake and gift a pancake to someone in need




Did you know that The Hubcap Cafe, The 24's onsite Restaurant, is named after its Hubcap-sized Pancakes? In honor of National Pancake Day on Tuesday, February 21st, we are offering a $10 Special between February 7th through February 21st, which includes a Hubcap Pancake and a cup of coffee for you to enjoy, along with a Hubcap Pancake for you to give to a Resident or a Community Member. Participate in the Hubcap Pancake Special by stopping by The Hubcap Cafe located inside Dallas 24 Hour Club (4636 Ross Avenue, 75204). If you are unable to join us in person, you can make a donation to gift a pancake to a Resident or Community Member in need. 


The Hubcap Cafe is located inside Dallas 24 Hour Club at 4636 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204. Operating hours for The Hubcap Cafe are 6am to 10pm. The Hubcap Cafe is also home to The 24's Resident Kitchen Training Program which helps Residents gain valuable experience and certifications necessary to enter a career in the restaurant industry. 



Nationwide, The 24 is known for its Hubcap Pancakes, named because they are the size of a hubcap. Most people, when they get sober, have not prioritized eating on a regular basis and the Hubcap Pancake has always been a go to for the man or woman who is trying to get sober and eat on a budget. The pancakes are so big that one person cannot eat the entire thing, so after getting full a person will set the uneaten to the side. Then, a person who is too proud to ask for help will grab the plate and eat the rest of the pancake, and thus not go to bed hungry that night. The Hubcap Pancakes are served morning, noon, and night and are a staple of The Hubcap Cafe's menu. - Tim Grigsby, COO



Dallas 24 Hour Club provides transitional living, support services, and essential life skills for homeless alcoholics and addicts, so they can embrace long-term sobriety and become contributing and self-supporting members of the community. Each year, they help over 700 people off the streets, find employment, recover from alcohol and drug addiction, and learn to live independently. Additionally, Residents are provided 3 meals daily in their first 30 days, which allows them to focus on their sobriety and getting stabilized instead of where their next meal will come from. 

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$10 Hubcap Pancake Special

Buy a Hubcap Pancake and a coffee for yourself, and gift a Hubcap Pancake to someone in need.

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