About Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C)

You can make a difference! Empower our future workforce! 

At 4-C, we measure our impact by how successful we are in helping families with young children, especially low-income families, find quality child care and education.


By ensuring families have access to early child care and education, we help them stay in the workforce or continue their education. At 4-C, we believe that child care is critical to social well-being and economic development, 4-C advocates for an equitable and innovative education system while supporting early childhood professionals who work to meet the needs of families with young children. 


Every act of generosity has the power to uplift a community. Study after study has shown that access to early care and education make a critical difference in the future success of children. That is why we need your support now more than ever. Your tax-deductible contribution helps to ensure children have access to early care and education regardless of economic status, making it possible for every child to flourish and reach their full potential! 


Individual Gifts

Much of the investment in the early education goals of the thousands of families and child care providers we serve every year comes from generous gifts from individual donors.


We leverage every contribution to connecting families to child care that meets their needs and financial assistance and to deliver quality programs that cannot be funded from our government grants.


Ask your employer to match your gift

If your employer offers a Matching Gift Program, you could double the impact of your gift. Ask your Human Resources department for more information about your employer’s matching gift policies and procedures.


Honorary and Memorial Gifts. Honor your friend or loved one by making a special gift to 4-C in their name. Recipients will be notified of your generosity by receiving an acknowledgment card in the mail.


Gifts of every size allow the 4-C to significantly impact the lives of Greater Louisville families with young children.




Nonprofit Donations Tax Deductible