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CityLab Professional 2021

An outcome-based economic model focused on empowering Technical Education Certification, Local Employment Opportunities from Certification.

Helping CityLab Professional reach 300,000 Supporters

CityLab Professional aims to reduce the stigma associated with homelessness.<br>

Membership is free, all we ask is that you share our story with your friends and neighbors who would like ot become part of the journey.

Through our Meet Your Neighbors Dinners (Super Saturday) and the Elmwood Project Team, CityLab Professional attempts to bring together those who are and are not experiencing homelessness from broken families in order to encourage discussions and ultimately dissipate the stigma.

Through this campaign, we hope that by you clicking and supporting our work we can build a much bigger and brighter future for those we currently serve.

2021 Accomplishments


Help us get to our next goal!
We have a library of books for a class of 12 students

Membership Levels

Free CityLab Professional Preview

Just starting out. Visit our webpage (www.citylabprofessional) and get to know us, then Aim for 1,000 referrals

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Getting the hang of it. We are aiming for 5,000 Tribe Members who will support the journey each month with $10.00.  Read our newsletter for updates, and keep the energy going by sharing our stories with others.

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On a roll, a big game is a good game. We can provide socks, and showers when we reach our - 25,000 Tribe Members level

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The beginning of amazing.Worth getting to - 150,000 Tribe Members. At this point, we are providing not only socks, and showers, but we are able to provide supportive housing to our students for the first year.

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Unstoppable. We have break-away velocity. We can now begin. > 150,000 Tribe Members

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