Thu, February 24, 2022

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Citylab Professional aims to build a resilient community looking to better their lives and in doing so, make a profound difference in the world.


Our goal is to provide valuable training resources to community residents who struggle with barriers to employment. Education is power, and we believe anyone can turn their life around by equipping themselves with the knowledge to transform their future. 


Citylab Professional provides training that can birth a new dream in someone. Inspire new goals. Offer new beginnings. Citylab Professional offers a different road, leading many to discover their unlimited potential. 


  • Provide technical education to lead to gainful employment
  • Offer realistic opportunities and marketable skills
  • Communicate a fresh perspective to lead to radical transformation
  • Uncover hidden talents which highlight promising potential
  • Improve lives with excellent technical education, leading to new opportunities


Citylab Professional offers valuable education in Technical Education for the multibillion-dollar technology companies in Silicon to a simple lesson in technology and bee farming. 


But they offer more than that. Far more. Join us for the Big Ask Give and See!






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$600 Men's Program

If you would like to purchase for your men's group please do so here.

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$600 Women's Group

If you would like to support our season for your Women's Group please do so here

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Sponsor Levels

$60 Help buy a Single Book

IT Essentials v7 Companion Guide supports the Cisco Networking Academy IT Essentials version 7 course. The course is designed for Cisco Networking Academy students who want to pursue careers in IT and learn how computers work, how to assemble computers, and how to safely and securely troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

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$36 12 Cups of Coffee

Help us have a bake sale with free coffee!  Well with your support we can run over to Starbucks and get the coffee!

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$100 Sponsor Donuts with Dad

Donuts with Dad is a fun event you can do with our classroom to celebrate Father's Day or anytime during the year! This has everything you will need to host this successful event (minus the donuts and juice).

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$100 Sponsor Muffins and Mom

Muffins with Mom is generally a celebration that is held in schools to bring students and mothers together. This event usually takes place before or after mother’s day. Many schools ask that mothers come to school with their kids and enjoy a breakfast muffin with the child in honor of the special day. However, there are a variety of ways that you can create your own Muffins with Mom occasion. Mothers and children of all ages can enjoy Muffins with Mom events whether they are elaborate or simple. The important part of the activity is to spend time together.

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$5 Airbnb Coast House One Day

This ticket is a one-day (minus weekends) experience at the famed Irish Beach Coast house.  Take it easy at this unique and tranquil getaway.  Exceptionally rare find in Irish Beach!  Most rooms and large deck have huge white water views of crashing waves on walk-able, sandy beach (nearly 6 miles long). Great seclusion.

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$25 Invitation to Relaxation

With beaches galore, hiking trails for miles, cozy inns, resorts and B&Bs, the county is just the place for a weekend (or weekday) break!

Invitation to Relaxation

You’ve made the decision to get away from the city crowds and urban sprawl to visit Mendocino County where three cars at a Stop sign is called a traffic jam. First things first, where to stay?

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Airbnb Coast House Weekend Experience

Take it easy at this unique and tranquil getaway.  Exceptionally rare find in Irish Beach!  Most rooms and large deck have huge white water views of crashing waves on a walkable, sandy beach (nearly 6 miles long). Great seclusion.

This raffle includes the couples massage, and optional freshly prepared dinner, available in our upgrade packages online.

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