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How do we collectively heal and own our inner world, in order to create equitable systems in our outer world?


SOUL COLLECTIVE is s a multi-day, online training.  It is an online experience created for Folks of the Global Majority, Multi racial or biracial, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to find freedom and community in liberating themselves from oppressive systems. This new training is a result of multiple requests from BIPOC at past trainings who expressed a desire for more race-based affinity spaces focused on healing, learning and networking.


Join us for a cohort series where folks will have an opportunity to commune and converse around topics that aren't often highlighted in the inclusion and equity trainings that we attend. Let's center mental health and talk about physical, emotion, mental health and racialized trauma. Let's talk about sexism and colorism within racial minority groups. Let's talk about how erasure, anti-blackness, and white supremacy and how these issues show up in ALL of our communities. Let's examine and uproot the ways in which white supremacy is showing up in our personal and professional contexts, and reorient toward liberation. This training draws from Building Bridges' conflict transformation model, and pulls from facilitators' lived experiences as BIPOC individuals.  


This online training session is NOT A WEBINAR FOR PASSIVE PARTICIPATION. Instead, it requires all participants to be ready to fully lean into a time of learning and dialogue. Because of the nature of the dialogue, this session will not be recorded for public use or re-watching after the session. Please only register if you are able to be fully present at the session. Come to the session ready to engage with all exercises and dialogues. Each session will be two hours long and happen via Zoom (Colorado - Mountain Time).  This is facilitated by a BIPOC team, and will have a maximum capacity of 20 participants. 


To attend, you must have completed, 1) an APPLICATION, and 2) We highly recommned joining Confluence Care Session for BIPOC or Bicultural folks

Registration for this multi-day session is $250. Ideally, we ask that you or your organization cover this fee, as a financial investment towards advancing racial equity. Note that these are prices for individual community members to join.  Payment plans and scholarships are available upon request.  We do not turn anyone away. Please reach out.

If you are looking to sign up more than 5 people, or have your entire staff/organization attend, please contact us, as that would be a different price and depend on availability..  If you are wanting us to work more in depth and for long term with your team, please fill out our interest form.  If you have concerns/questions, please reach out to training@buildingbridgesshift.org for discount or scholarship options. 

Click here for details on our cancellation policy.  Each session will take place if at least 4 participants are in attendance.


Training Takeaways: 

  • Gain new insights around what it means to be a racialized being and how this connects to white supremacy

  • Gain anti-oppression frameworks and resources

  • Engage in dialogues centered in conflict transformation with other community members

  • Build concrete listening and communication skills for both personal and professional settings

  • Explore your internal identities and how they connect to external systems 

    • What does it mean to be a Black or Indigenous person, or person of color?

    • What role do I have in larger systems of oppression and in dismantling white supremacy?

    • What are my other intersectional identities and how do they relate to privilege, oppression and white supremacy?



A few additional notes:

Group Norms & Why racial affinity space



*WHY JUST Folks of the Global Majority/BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)? BB Groundwork Sessions occur in two, race-based affinity spaces (BIPOC and White) in order to ensure that racial equity is embedded in the learning environment. Other Building Bridges training and cohorts occur in multi-racial settings, once all participants receive groundwork training around racial equity. 

**WHY FOCUS ON RACIAL EQUITY? Although Building Bridges aims to provide all trainings through a lens of intersectionality and anti-oppression, our organization centers on racial equity. For this reason, we have made it a priority to provide foundational trainings that are focused on privilege and oppression from a racial equity standpoint. We acknowledge that all people hold many complex identities and other types of privileges exist (i.e. class, gender, citizenship status, ability, etc.) but we have chosen to center our BB Groundwork Session in racial equity because of the weight that racial identity holds in the U.S. context.


Why a Cohort Model?

We are so excited to offer Soul Collective in online format and in a cohort model!  We believe that meeting together in a group/affinity/caucus of BIPOC for all of the sessions together will increase and clarify our will, skill and capacity to engage as liberated leaders for the long haul. The cohort model also is designed to build a community of people that can stay connected in the movement of justice, long after the cohort officially ends. 


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