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What does it mean to really be a “liberated leader” as a Black or Indigenous person or a person of color? At Building Bridges, it means having space where your needs are met, your voice is heard, and your opinions matter.  You have what you need to excel, to thrive, to claim your power.


The need for this space has only been amplified for our community over the past year - especially those who identify as people of color. The pandemic is hurting Black and Indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC) at much higher rates than white people. And the continued fight against police brutality makes plain the deep pain, rage, and fear so many of us feel in the face of structural racism.


We are fired up, and ready to use our skills to transform spaces and relationships, yet systems of inequality and white supremacy continue to create roadblocks. It’s time to invest the resources to remove these barriers where we can.


We created the Liberated Leaders Fund as a mutual aid resource, making direct cash grants to leaders of color in our network to be used to address financial barriers. We seeded this fund with $5000 of BB's general operating funds - to demonstrate our organizational commitment to reparations.  Our community responded to the call last summer by giving an additional $7000 to get the fund rolling!


Now we are asking YOU to renew your commitment to financially supporting BIPOC leaders.  Your donations will go directly towards our Building Bridges participants, alumni, and community members of color – be it to help cover basic needs, assist in business or community endeavors, or ensure reliable internet access as they navigate remote learning. As we continue to struggle with the challenges posed by the global pandemic, it is critical that we remain committed to leveraging our position and resources for equity and inclusion. We hope you will join us in this important work.


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