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Online - Zoom
Denver, CO

An online training session focused on the Multiracial and Biracial experience

We don't plan to host another Confluence Care at this time.  Please fill out this form to submit your interest in future dates.  


Biracial & Multiracial folks it's time to liberate ourselves around privilege and oppression, especially as they relate to racial equity**


Let's spend time in community, collaboration, and reflection around systemic change. It's time we work together in dismantling and healing around racism and white supremacy in ourselves and our communities.


CONFLUENCE CARE for bicultural folks is a one time online training. Confluence Care uses a framework called the 4 I's of Oppression to explore how layers of privilege and oppression contribute to systemic oppression as a whole. During the session, participants will dialogue, write, and reflect on the ways that oppression has played out according to their racial identities. These occur as one-time sessions that repeat the same curriculum each session. 


This space is specifically created to recognize the "gray area" of the anti-racism/liberation conversation.  For those who find themselves fitting in 2 or more racial categories, this space is for YOU. More specifically, to address those folks who fit into numerous categories within the experience of the global majority and BIPOC space.  To address this need, our team has shaped an event specifically for folks who identify as multiracial, biracial.  Do you identify with multiple (two or more) racial identities? 


NOTE: The recommended order is to join Confluence Care for Communities of Color before this Multiracial, Biracial space.  However, you are welcome to only join one of these Confluence Care spaces. If you are someone who wants to attend both, we would love to give a discount for joining the second one. Please contact for a code. 


Our Confluence Care sessions are a great starting place for folks new to Building Bridges and invested in deepening their journey of inclusion, equity, community, collective rest, liberation and healing. Confluence Care sessions also are required as a prerequisite for our cohort-based trainings Soul Collective and Taproot.


This online training session is NOT A WEBINAR FOR PASSIVE PARTICIPATION. Instead, it requires all participants to be ready to fully lean into a time of learning and dialogue. Because of the nature of the dialogue, this session will not be recorded for public use or re-watching after the session. Please only register if you are able to be fully present at the session. Come to the session ready to engage with all exercises and dialogues.  Each session will be three hours long and happen via Zoom (Colorado - Mountain Time).  This is facilitated by a multiracial team, and will have a maximum capacity of 20 participants. 


The session will include:

  • Guided real-time practice and reflection around the 4 I's and how they relate to racial equity, and further liberation of folks who are biracial or multiracial as a whole
  • Facilitate group dialogue and refection around the 4 I's, racial equity, and how to deepen a practice to diversity, equity and inclusion in your personal and professional context
  • A healing workshop to close out the time together


Registration: As of right now, we don't plan to host another Confluence Care at this time.  Please fill out this form to submit your interest in future dates.  As we will consider hosting one when we have enough folks interested. 



A few additional notes:

Group Norms & Why racial affinity space



*WHY JUST Folks of the Global Majority/BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)? BB Groundwork Sessions occur in two, race-based affinity spaces (BIPOC and White) in order to ensure that racial equity is embedded in the learning environment. Other Building Bridges training and cohorts occur in multi-racial settings, once all participants receive groundwork training around racial equity. 

**WHY FOCUS ON RACIAL EQUITY? Although Building Bridges aims to provide all trainings through a lens of intersectionality and anti-oppression, our organization centers on racial equity. For this reason, we have made it a priority to provide foundational trainings that are focused on privilege and oppression from a racial equity standpoint. We acknowledge that all people hold many complex identities and other types of privileges exist (i.e. class, gender, citizenship status, ability, etc.) but we have chosen to center our Session in racial equity because of the weight that racial identity holds in the U.S. context.


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