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Restore the Build a Bot Fund

Give change to change the world. Our $10,000 goal will jumpstart a Build a Bot award program in the Fall of 2021. Can you help make a difference?


RoboNation is a 501c3, non-profit (EIN: 52-1797483) whose mission is to provide a pathway of hands-on educational experiences that empower students to find innovative solutions to global challenges. SeaPerch is a cornerstone of RoboNation and often the beginning of a journey into robotics.


As an educational program, SeaPerch aims to reduce traditional barriers to participation in robotics programs and promotes opportunities to engage students and educators in inquiry-based learning with real-world applications. One of these barriers is finding the funding to acquire the kits and equipment necessary for a build. The Build a Bot program is meant to provide students in need with the resources necessary to build a robot, learn how to use it for good and develop hands-on skills.


Your donations will help meet our goal of $10,000 to jumpstart the awards program for the Fall of 2021. With your support, we can help put bots in the hands of students and schools who are in need of support around the world! Learn more about how the Build a Bot program came about and where we hope it goes (with your help!).


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