Boysville's Wildly Magical Auction in the West
Backpack for Keepsakes
Many times when children arrive in our care, what little belongings they may have is carried in a garbage bag. A Donation of $25 provides a child with a duffel bag or backpack so no matter where they may go, they have a special place to keep their valuables.
A Fresh Pair of Kicks
As with all children, our residents are constantly outgrowing their shoes and clothing. Help a child head back to school in style with a new pair of shoes!
Party Time!
So many times, a child will experience their first birthday party at Boysville. Many of new teens have never received a gift or cake on their birthday. Here is your chance to make a child's birthday by sponsoring their birthday dinner. While we celebrate our children with a monthly party, having a special dinner with their cottage on their special day is a treat that many children in care do not get to experience.
Day of Care
The average cost for a day of care is approximately $250, this includes food, clothing, shelter, medical and educational needs. 
Dinner on you!
Provide dinner for our entire campus!
Sponsor a Cottage
Sponsor an entire cottage of up to 8 children! Cottage life provides our children with shelter, food and all the care and support they need to become responsible adults.