Bobby Levinski for Austin City Council, District 8

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Donation Maximum: Under city law, the maximum donation amount to a campaign is (i) $350 per individual or (ii) $700 per couple. Individuals required to register as a "lobbyist" with the City of Austin (and their spouses) are limited to donations of a maximum of $25. If you are donating as a couple, please provide the name and occupation information for both individuals.


Donate By Mail
Bobby Levinski Campaign
4301 W. William Cannon Dr, Ste B-150
Box 409
Austin, TX 78749 

Legal Requirements 
- Corporate donations of any kind are not permitted.
- Donations are not tax deductible. 

By donating to the campaign you confirm that the following statements are true and accurate:
1. I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent residence in the United States.
2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and not those of another.
3. This contribution is not made from the funds of a corporation or labor organization.
4. This contribution is made on a personal credit card or debit card for which I have the legal obligation to pay, and is not made either on a corporate or business entity card or on the card of another person.
5. I am at least fourteen years old.


Pol. Adv. paid for by the Bobby Levinski Campaign, Mail: 4301 W. William Cannon Dr, Ste B-150, Box 409, Austin, TX 78749; Mindy Sutton, Treasurer. This campaign agreed to comply with the contribution and expenditure limits of the Austin Fair Campaign Ordinance.