Posted: July 1, 2018
We have been working hard here at BetterUnite over the past few months. While our platform has, from the beginning, offered many of the most pressing solutions for small to midsized nonprofits' fundraising needs, we kept thinking, "What if we could do more?"

So... we did. Just like that, BetterUnite's already robust donor management feature set is improved and vastly expanded (while still remaining user-friendly and easy to navigate).

Here's a comprehensive list of all everything that we've released since we launched. It's a long list, but we're kind of excited about all this new fun stuff and we like to show off.

We will continue working on new enhancements (we already are) and we will continue to listen and be responsive to you. If you have any specific needs, requests or even feature suggestions, please continue to send them to us at

NEW Features

  • Auction module. Silent (run through Text to Bid) and Live (organized through event registration and credit card authorization and processing)

  • Live Event Thermometer - See scrolling donors and real-time thermometer movement; Call to Action via Text to Give

  • Table Management (It's awesome. Seriously one of our favorite features and many of our fundraising professionals' favorite new tool)

  • Team Management (ditto the above) - Put your event attendees in teams to drive fundraising. For example, golf events, tennis tournaments, scavenger hunts among others.

  • Increased Ticket Sales functionality - Collect the names of your ticket buyers attendees, call to action after checkout, pre-checkout communication

  • Updated Fee Assignment Options - Want to cover all of the possible fees for your donors in a campaign, inclluding taking on the optional tip? Now you can 

  • Funds and Donation Fund Allocation - Ability to create funds and associate donations with a fund

  • Ability to update donation recorde with Tags, Notes and Deductible Amount

  • Contact Merge functionality - Select two contact cards, click Actions > Merge Contact, then indicate which contact you keep

Updated Features

  • BetterUnite's Home Page has been updated to include details on our platform's safety and data privacy policy

  • Ability to provide a maximum tickets per purchase on each ticket level

  • TimeZone updates to all records, with an organization level timezone indicator to identify what timezone to display all records in. See Settings > Profile for timezone selection.

  • Table management and Team management: ability to move tables and teams around in the canvas positions

  • Recurring payments are automated to run every night and automatically process any payments due that day

  • Donor can choose an alternate start date for a new recurring payment

  • Donation Export includes more transactional details to help break down the charges

  • Dashboard charts now use the Net amount

  • Donation amounts displayed now show the amount paid to the organization, including any payment processing fees

  • Donation check out page displays a payment break down of charges before the donor completes their payment transaction

  • QuickBooks integration updated to allow user to manually mark a transaction as “do not sync” or alternatively “enable sync”

  • Offline donation creation to allow linking to a campaign

  • WePay setup UI notifications for new organizations

  • UI updates in public campaign, donation and admin sites for $0 donations and offer levels

  • Updated UI for event registration for free events

  • Contact special character expression rules updated to allow more variations
...and many other smaller updates not listed above...

What else is coming?

For now, we can just say that we're always working, always listening and responding to your needs, always trying to provide more options and technology that increase the funds you are able to raise, fosters the relationships you are trying to cultivate and lifts up the mission you are serving. We're in this game together - we are better when we work together. We Are BetterUnite.


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