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We're launching a fundraiser to provide STEAM summer classes and wellness workshops to middle school and high school students in New York City.
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About BK Style Foundation

Team Solutionista's Black Community Wellness Project is a year-long social experiment sponsored by BK Style Foundation -  aimed at raising the tide on black lives in New York City through education, wellness and entrepreneurship training for middle school and high school students.

With our current covid crisis, youth have very little access to the support systems that usually sustain them.  Team Solutionista is seizing this moment as an opportunity to introduce a whole new model  of teen learning that includes tools for personal and professional development.


In our morning design workshops, teens will be given the opportunity to use their voices and share their ideas on what our future could look like in a variety of disciplines, from sustainable fashion and product design to news reporting and storytelling.  In our afternoon wellness workshops, activities range from dance and art to storytelling and performance.  Our main themes for the year are: 

  • Democracy

  • Gender and Racial Disparity

  • Health and Wellness

  • Economic Disparity

We’re excited to have you here, and invite you to join us in elevating our youth to create generational change.  There has never been a more potent opportunity for us to revisit the past and create a brghter future with  fresh and widely open eyes.