Austin Woods & Waters Club Banquet to benefit the McBride Conservation Fund Foundation MCBRIDE CONSERVATION FUND FOUNDATION
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Wed, October 13, 2021
5:30 PM CT

Springdale Station
979 Springdale Rd Unit 160
Austin, TX 78702
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Having Fun Passing On Our Heritage

Passing On Our Heritage

The AWWC Banquet has been the annual fundraiser for the McBride Conservation Fund Foundation that has raised more than $820,000 and awarded more than 400 grants to outdoor conservation organizations, many of which are involved in passing the hunting and fishing heritage onto the next generation.
In 1984, the Austin Woods and Waters Club board of directors created the McBride Foundation. In 1988, it became a 501c(3) non-profit tax-exempt charitable organization. Club members contribute to the Foundation throughout the year, but the annual Banquet held in the fall is the signature event for the Foundation.
This autumn rendezvous is an occasion to share rich outdoor experiences with friends, and make some new ones while give something back to the future of hunting and fishing.
The event includes a dinner, chances to purchase great sporting items and hunts not available elsewhere, play games and chance your luck with raffles. A large variety of prizes are offered including hunting and fishing expeditions, taxidermy gift certificates, outdoor gear, electronic gadgets used in the outdoors, gizmos and toys for big boys and girls as well as gear for the younger generation. Hundreds of donated items from area merchants are auctioned, raffled, or distributed as door prizes following dinner.


The Austin Woods and Waters Club is committed to the growth of this fund to help preserve for future generations the outdoor activities that we all cherish.


























Honorary Event Chair

Jennifer Goodrum

Lead Sponsor





$4,000 Honorary Chair & Heritage Sponsor

Honorary Chair & Heritage Sponsorship Benefits

  • Lead sponsor of the event recognized as the Honorary Banquet Chair in all marketing material

  • Logo included on all event webpages

  • Name and logo published for 12 months on the AWWC website with a link back to sponsor website

  • Name & logo on PowerPoint loop during banquet

  • Full page ad in Banquet Program

  • Exclusive Sponsor Gun Raffle

  • $300 Bucket Raffle ticket bundle

  • Product display available

  • One premium 10 seat table close to the stage with private waitress service throughout the evening

  • 4 new memberships in AWWC

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$3,000 Conservation Sponsor

Conservation Sponsorship Benefits

  • ½ Page ad in our banquet program

  • Logo included on all event webpages

  • Name and logo published for 9 months on the AWWC website with link back to sponsor website

  • Name & logo on PowerPoint loop during banquet

  • Exclusive sponsor gun raffle

  • $200 raffle ticket bundle

  • Product display available

  • One Premium 10 seat table close to the stage with private waitress service throughout the evening

  • 2 new memberships in AWWC

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$9,000 Raised
$2,000 Preservation Sponsorship

Preservation Sponsorship Benefits


  • ¼ Page ad in our banquet program

  • Sponsor logo on AWWCwebsite for 6 months with links back to the business

  • $100 raffle ticket bundle

  • Name and logo on PowerPoint loop during banquet

  • One Premium 10 seat table close to the stage with private waitress service throughout the evening

  • Exclusive sponsor gun raffle

  • 1 new membership in AWWC

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$1,500 Table Ticket

Table for 10 people.

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$140 Individual Ticket
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$230 Couple's Ticket
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Event Offers

$75 AWWC Annual Membership

Austin Woods & Waters Club Membership

The Austin Woods & Waters Club is a hunting & fishing club.

We organize affordable hunting & fishing trips primarily in Texas and the surrounding states.

Membership in our organization comes at a modest cost of $75. but has many benefits.


Benefits of membership

  • Monthly social hours & dinners featuring outdoor speakers.
  • Meet and become friends with those who share your values.
  • Most of our member’s outdoor friends have come through the Club.
  • Hear outfitters and outdoor experts share their experiences.
  • Outfitter reviews from members who have hunted and fished in the area for decades. They know the ones who deliver and the ones who don’t and will share that knowledge with you.
  • Family outdoors opportunities. Most of our trips are youth and female friendly so you can get your whole family involved in the outdoors.
  • Opportunities to find others who share your interests and will accompany you on the trips that you want to take.
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$25 Heads or Tails

Tito's Vodka Cooler


Heads or Tails is an interactive game of choice and chance where the last guest standing will win a Tits's custom cooler full of Tito swag!

Purchase an opportunity to participate and receive a bead necklace. This game is fast and fun! Purchase multiple necklaces so you can stay in the game if you get knocked out.

How it works: The auctioneer calls for Heads or Tails participants to stand up. Then participants select either “heads” or “tails” by putting their hands on their heads — or their tails! The auctioneer flips a coin and announces whether the coin came up heads or tails. Those participants whose choice matches the coin flip get to stay standing — everyone else sits down.

The auctioneer continues asking participants to select “heads” or “tails,” then flipping the coin, eliminating more players until only one player is left standing. This is the winner!

Participants must be present to play.

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Currently not available


Freshwater Angler Bucket
Buffalo Bucket

Montana Lifestyles Silversmiths Sculpture Bison “Prairie Boss”. 

Absolutely gorgeous piece of art displaying the majesty of a bison laying on the prairie with the quote "Praire Boss" on a brass plaque.

Edward Aldrich "Ruler of the Plains" Bison Buffalo Wildlife Print. Signed '97. It is beautifully matted and custom framed.

Edward Aldrich is a world wildlife artist who breathes life into his depictions of animals and their natural environment. Wood frame measures: 25" x 21" with an opening of 16"x 12". It's signed in black on the lower right side: Edward Aldrich '97.Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to purchase this piece of art.

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OX Matt Bucket

The Ox Mat is an industrial strength multi-purpose mat used by construction workers, hunters, mechanics, soldiers, law enforcement, landscapers, and anyone who needs to carry or move heavy loads weighing up to a half ton.

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Deer Print Bucket

Dennis Schmidt “Watchful Gazes“. 

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Don't Tread on Me Bucket

This wooden sign is a representation the Gadsden flag which is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a timber rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Beneath the rattlesnake are the words: "Dont Tread on Me".

The flag is named after politician Christopher Gadsden  (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution and it was used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag. It is often used in the United States as a symbol for gun rights and limited government. 

The sign measures 36" x 23.5"

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Buck Knife Bundle

Buck Knives Skinning Knife & Buck Knives Blade Sharp

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Capital City Clays Membership & Lesson

Captial City Clays gift certificate includes a 1 year family membership and an hour lesson from Randy Barrington.


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Lures Framed Art


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