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An Evening with Larry Gatlin, benefitting Nicole's Projects

Dust off your cowboy hat! The Austin 20 presents an intimate evening featuring Larry Gatlin live and in person!

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Thu, May 06, 2021
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CT

Austin Country Club
4408 Long Champ Drive
Austin, TX 78746

Dust off your cowboy hat!


The IN-PERSON event is SOLD OUT!

Join us ONLINE by Registering here.


The Austin 20 presents an intimate evening,

featuring Larry Gatlin live and in person - and online!


Austin Country Club

Thursday, May 6th


6pm - Welcome cocktail reception

7pm SHARP - Dinner, Presentation, Live Auction


Limited Seating - SOLD OUT!


Wrap up the evening with a beautiful serenade from Larry Gatlin himself,

featuring his new song composed for our very own Nicole’s Project survivors.


If you prefer to attend virtually - join us via live stream! Host a House Party or just grab some dinner from our friends at Salt Traders or Jack Allen's Kitchen, then sit back and enjoy a lively auction and a moving fundraiser, all featuring Mr. Larry Gatlin!


Benefitting Nicole’s Projects:

Providing restoration for child survivors of sex trafficking. 


Nicole's House Projects

A Safe Harbor for Human Trafficking Survivors

Nicole’s House provides temporary care in a healing, therapeutic environment for female survivors of human trafficking. Nicole's House works with each girl to assess her specific experiences and circumstances to determine the best pathway toward healing and recovery.

A team of professionals provides comprehensive, evidence-based services to evaluate each survivor and determine the best path of treatment, based on individual needs.


Join us, join Larry Gatlin, and Support Nicole's House Projects.






By the Numbers


  • It is estimated that there are approximately 234,000 victims of labor trafficking in the State of Texas.
  • There are approximately 79,000 youth and minor sex trafficking victims in Texas at any one time.
  • The five most common types of trafficking are Escort Services, Outdoor Solicitation, Illicit Massage, Residential Sex Trafficking, and Domestic Work. It is no surprise that these are also the most common types of trafficking that involve children.

Not only does Nicole's House provide essential services to Texas children, but it brings awareness to the surrounding community about the realities of human trafficking. The survivors we serve are vulnerable and need our help, but they need your help too. This center is a great opportunity for the local community to lend a helping hand to children in need.


Nicole's House Programs


  • Drop-in Center: Our Drop-in Center, an emergency short-term program, is available to law enforcement, child welfare professionals and other stakeholders to drop off survivors for assessment and services. Nicole's House Drop-In Center has approximately five beds available for use.
  • Long-Term Treatment Center: Our Long-Term Treatment Center has 20 beds available for children to stay up to 90 days. In this program, survivors receive evidence-based, best practice therapeutic services to overcome their trauma, allowing them to thrive and become successful, healthy individuals.


Sponsorships & Virtual Tickets

Virtual Event Registration

Attend our exciting Live Auction and watch an intimate performance by Larry Gatlin in the comfort of your home! 

Register for a Suggested Donation of $50 to support the important work of Nicole's Projects.

Add to your experience by purchasing a dinner from Salt Traders or Jack Allen's Kitchen.

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Giving Levels

$175,000 The Kitchen

Build and name the kitchen at Nicole’s House!  Often referred to as “the heart of a home”, the kitchen does so much more than provide meals for the body!  Bonding and life-long lessons can be created here.  It is critical to have a safe, well-equipped commercial kitchen ready to provide nourishment for these children who hunger for so much!  “Cooking with love provides food for the soul!” ~ “Cooking with Love” by Chef Toya

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$100,000 The Community Room

Build and name the room that will provide a fun space for social interaction. Community building is such an important part of these survivors’ recovery process. We have plans for a large, cheerful and intentional space to help facilitate growth through social interaction.

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$100,000 The Therapy Room

Build and name the primary meeting room where girls will spend time making emotional and behavioral breakthroughs.  The goal of Nicole’s Project is to build strong young citizens who can move forward in society after enduring great trauma.  Our therapy space will provide a nonthreatening, comfortable area for children to heal.

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$50,000 Meditation Room

Build and name the special soothing space at Nicole’s House used to de-escalate girls upon arrival and provide space after intense situations, allowing them to re-regulate their nervous system.  This room is an essential, carefully crafted oasis of serenity serving to enhance mental well-being and designed to help the children plug into their spirituality.

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$25,000 One Bedroom

Build and name one of the bedrooms at Nicole’s House!  Each girl at Nicole’s House has a therapeutic-level bedroom and bathroom to call their own. Most child survivors have lived with others in a hierarchy, fending for themselves and fearful for their safety on a daily basis.  Having a safe place of their own builds empowerment and is an important part of their recovery.

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$10,000 Outdoor Seating Area

Build and name one of our outdoor spaces!  Connecting to the natural world serves to help children grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.  For children who have been forced to grow up too soon, reconnecting with the wonders of nature can be an important part of their recovery.


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$5,000 Therapy for one girl throughout her stay

Evidence-based therapies personalized for the needs of each child provided in an atmosphere guided by trauma-informed care will promote a culture of safety, empowerment and healing to help maximize outcomes for survivors. Engaging survivors in their personal journey of recovery is key. This service is of utmost importance!


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$2,500 Furniture & personal items

Besides creating a safe, happy, welcoming environment, furnishings at Nicole’s House will be scrutinized for safety, minimizing the chance of injury or self-harm. Comfortable surroundings will help a sleep deprived child stabilize, enhancing their recovery.  Access to personal items like clothing, shoes, toiletries and haircuts are essential to restoring dignity.

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$1,000 Personalized social outings

Living under the control of an abuser creates a web of distrust that must be unwound.  Social settings may be difficult and trigger traumatic memories for these children.  Helping the children reassimilate into society safely is a step-by-step process requiring resources.  Birthday celebrations, holiday parties, restaurant experiences, trips to amusement parks and even doctor or dental visits without the presence of an abuser provide essential lessons for a survivor.  


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$500 Emergency Funds

Accidents happen. Help provide resources for the unexpected to cover minor emergencies and services such dental work or eye exams.

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$250 Welcome Package

The smallest gestures can make the biggest impact, particularly in the life of a traumatized child.  Girls often arrive to treatment with nothing but the clothes on their back. Often afraid, embarrassed and defensive, they may avoid mixing with other children. Special welcome packages, containing basic essentials and a few small treasures are the first stage to a fresh start.  Participating in recovery requires confidence.  Feeling cared for, clean and presentable on the outside is a primary step toward restoring essential dignity. 

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