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Give Art a Home Fundraiser 2020

$30,830 Goal $45,000
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What: Give Art A Home Virtual Fundraiser 

Where: Online

When: Thursday, April 23 at 6pm through Sunday, April 26 at noon


A message from Art From the Streets Director, Kelley Worden.



Dear Donor:

For twenty-eight years, Art From the Streets, an Austin non-profit, has been serving people who are experiencing homelessness. We offer a free, open art studio four afternoons a week for people to paint and create. We also offer enrichment opportunities, a positive community, art shows, and art sales throughout the year.


This program goes beyond the creation and sale of art. Through AFTS, many of our artists are able to exit homelessness. However, homelessness has no simple solution. It cannot just be moved away or housed away without a plan to break the cycle that perpetuates it. Art From the Streets provides a critical daily practice in a learning environment filled with healthy role models to help create new positive habits. These habits foster well-being, health, and independence for our artists while building connections within a broader positive community - a community that can uncover latent resources such as jobs, housing, and support networks beyond the burdened and essentially closed loop of the homelessness system.


In order to serve our artists, we rely on the generosity of the community to fund our operations. AFTS will hold a virtual fundraiser, on Thursday, April 23 starting at 6pm through Sunday, April 26 at noon. During this event, we will celebrate our artists and raise funds for future growth and sustain this program when we are able to return to Open Studio. Your donation will help support our amazing artists and will play a critical role in ending the cycle of chronic homelessness experienced by our artists.


Thank you in advance for your support!



Kelley Worden

Executive Director



An update from Pat Chapman, AFTS Studio Coordinator, on how our artists are currently doing.


Troy Campa, Enrichement Coordinator on creating a home and community for our artists.


Giving Levels

$1,000 28th Annual Show and Sale

Every year we gather all of our resources to put on our amazing Annual Show and Sale.   We gather around 2,000 pieces of artwork to be sold. Over the next few months, we rent space, booth fencing, prep supplies, arrange for mounting, help artists price their amazing pieces, promote and organize the show, plus stage the work at the Austin Convention Center. Each artist is hoping someone will enjoy viewing their years worth of artwork, connect on a personal-human level, and purchase their art. During this show, 95% of the sales price of each work goes directly to the artist during this weekend. 

We need your help to create this event for our artists and their work to shine!

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$500 Artists Enrichment Tours

In 2019 we offered tours with 6 local Austin galleries for our artists and volunteers. During the tours, the artists were engaged with a gallery docent or exhibiting artist plus creation time. AFTS provided a modest lunch for those who attended. These “field trips” are inspiring for everyone!  This year we want to offer the tours with local galleries every month, include a bus service for our artists and broaden our lunch options. 

Help us expand this creative and uplifting enrichment for our artists!

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$250 AFTS Mural Program

Last year AFTS was excited to launch our mural program. Local businesses have expressed interest in working with our artists to create lasting artwork on their walls and exterior surfaces. This program will provide our artists with an additional revenue source as well as bring our program and artists into the wider Austin community in a new and exciting way. With your support we will be able to purchase paints and supplies to continue the mural program. Will you support this new venture for AFTS?

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$150 Support AFTS Open Studio for a Week

We have a free and open art studio 4 days a week for people experiencing homelessness. This is two hours of pure creation time. Each artist is able to use high quality papers and supplies. We provide acrylic paints, charcoal pencils, water color paints, color and drawing pencils. Also included are paint brushes, cold press papers, erasers, sharpie pens and cleaning supplies. Something for everyone to create their masterpiece. Help AFTS continue to offer these critical supplies for the artists participating in our program.

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