About Art From The Streets

For thirty years, Art From the Streets, an Austin non-profit, has been serving people who are experiencing homelessness. We offer a free, open art studio four afternoons a week for people to paint and create as well as enrichment opportunities, a positive community, art shows, and art sales throughout the year.


This program goes beyond the creation and sale of art. Through AFTS, many of our artists are able to exit homelessness. However, homelessness has no simple solution. It cannot just be moved away or housed away without a plan to break the cycle that perpetuates it. Art From the Streets provides a critical daily practice in a learning environment filled with healthy role models to help create new positive habits. These habits foster well-being, health, and independence for our artists while building connections within a broader positive community - a community that can uncover latent resources such as jobs, housing, and support networks beyond the burdened and essentially closed loop of the homelessness system.


Thank you in advance for your contribution!



Kelley Worden

Executive Director 



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