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Support Our Survivors

Austin Recovery Network... because EVERYONE is worthy of Recovery.


Support Our Survivors

At Austin Recovery Network, we foster and support survivors.


Austin Recovery Network provides a network of compassionate, community-based, person-centered care to those impacted by substance use disorders, regardless of race, gender, age or station... because EVERYONE is worthy of recovery. 


Not everyone impacted by or surviving a substance use disorder is the individual suffering from the physical affliction. Often, Austin Recovery Network programs serve the family surrounding those suffering with the disease of addiction as much as the individual themselves.


We hold families as they work with their suffering loved ones to move toward a better way of life and into the light of recovery. 



We don’t need to know your story to know you’ve survived something. We are asking you to Support Our Survivors, as there are more now than ever before. We can come together to make our communities, our families, our people whole - and you can help us. 



Give to Austin Recovery Network… because EVERYONE is worthy of RECOVERY.



If you or someone you know needs help with substance use disorder, or you would like to learn more about our programs and approach,

please click on our logo below.

Donation Levels

$5,000 Equity Organizational Assessment

Austin Recovery Network is deeply commited to the work of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and we have made significant strides toward adjusting our existing organizational structure to embrace the needed, including an internal, board and staff Equity Task Force.

This group has determined that our next steps are an environmental scan by outside assessors who can guide our equity work as we embark upon completely fulfilling our stated mission: to provide access to recovery care, regardless of race, gender, age or station... because EVERYONE is worthy of recovery.


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$2,100 Family House Community Room furniture

Our ladies spend so much time taking care of their recovery and their babies and kids, we want them to feel cared for and loved as well. Of course, our amazing staff does the lionshare of this job, but we would like for the Client Living Room to feel like a home away from home with nice and durable (there are kids!) furniture.

This will buy 2 sofas and 2 large arm chairs.

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$1,000 Fund-A-Keystone Camp Out

Keystone Alternative Peer Group is an amazing group of youth and emerging adult with a commitment to recovery and support this commitment by chosing a group of likeminded peers to hangout with after school, on weekends and holidays. It's fun!

Our Keystone staff is incredible at creating memorable and meaningful experiences for these teenagers that is supportive and recovery-full.

The Keystone campouts are a huge part of this - particularly during COVID when gathering inside is not an option. Support part of this effort with your donation today.

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$800 ARN Alumni Sober-Living Scholarship

Regardless of the Austin Recovery Network program that our clients are moving out of, sometimes Sober Living community housing is the next right step. $800 is a one-month stay in a sober living facility for one person - whether they are just out of treatment or getting their recovery back on track.

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$500 UHS Graduation

We celebrate each student that enters UHS, even for a short amount of time, but those that graduate - that's an accomplishment worth celebrating! Our commencement and mortar boards and robes and professional photos and diplomas and all of the fanfare that SHOULD go with such a monumental achievement as graduating high school while maintaining a program of recovery is the least we can do for our heroic kids. $500 is the base cost per student for graduation festivities.


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$500 Google Chromebook for Virtual meetings

Recovery is not canceled - but it has moved online! Access to technology is a huge barrier to folks with less disposable income in our current COVID climate of virtual meetings and we want to help as many of our recovery-committed folks as possible. Alumni, IOP clients, fresh out of treatment Family House moms, newly graduated UHS kids and the youth of Keystone APG - our path through the continuum of care does not end when treatment does. Just like a commitment to recovery is a lifelong undertaking. 

Refurbished and gently used Google Chromebooks are approximately $500.

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$400 Playground Toys

Keeping our littles entertained while mom gets the treatment and recovery they both deserve is an indoor and outdoor and all the time proposition. Help our daycare staff provide essential outdoor opportunities for the Family House kiddos by helping us purchase modular playground equipment. $400 will buy one portion of our playground and we can build and adapt as we go!

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$300 Cell Phone & minutes

As our mom's leave Family House treatment and as some folks from the community enter Intensive Outpatient Progrmas, now more than ever, cell phones and access to virtual classes, groups and counseling sessions are critical. We can provide this at an approximate cost of $300 per person.

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$250 UHS Friday Fill-Up Activity

University High School offers rigorous academics and college-prep work, recovery support and FUN! Such a key piece of a young person's journey into recovery is making connections with friends and finding activity and interests during critical "downtime".

So we make sure our UHS kids leave each week "Filled Up" with fun and connection and recovery realness so that the weekends don't derail the work of the week. Activities range from movie watching to ice cream socials to field trips (when permitted). These relatively inexpensive efforts by our amazing UHS staff have immeasurable impact on our young peoples' lives.

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$250 Keystone Friday Night Pizza Party
$250 Nap Mats for Toddlers

We are expanding our daycare for Family House children and could use new nap mats for our sweet toddlers! Each one costs approximately $25 and we could use 10, although 20 would give all of our kiddos a new mat and a few to spare.

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$100 CPR Classes for Moms

Our Family House moms come to treatment with their sweet kids. Many of these children are under the age of 1. We want to prepare Mom to be a sober, active, vibrant and SAFE home for her children. 

Help us provide CPR training sessions to these brave women!

$100 pays for one mom's 3-part course.

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$75 Car Seat To-Go
$65 Strollers (various sizes)
$60 Breastfeeding Essentials

Including a Boppy breastfeeding pillow, nursing cover and basic breast-pump, our Family House nursing mothers are doing SO much for their babies and we want to take care of them. Help us. 

Mom takes everything that she uses home with her to continue her recovery, breastfeeding and mothering journey when she leaves treatment.

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