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Birthdays in Recovery

Celebrate your birthday, your sobriety date, your sponsor or sponsee by supporting the Recovery of others!

Ask anyone in recovery - WE LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Sobriety birthdays, belly-button birthdays, milestones - all of it needs to be celebrated!


Here is an opportunity for you to celebrate your loved ones by giving the gift of recovery to others.


Donate in honor of your loved one (we'll let them know if you'd like!) or

click Create a Fundraiser at the top of the page and personalize a giving page with your story,

then share it with your friends by social media or email. 

The mission of Austin Recovery Network is to provide a network of compassionate, community-based, person-centered care to those impacted by substance use disorders, regardless of race, gender, age or station...

because EVERYONE is worthy of recovery.


Not everyone impacted by or surviving a substance use disorder is the individual suffering from the physical affliction. Often, Austin Recovery Network programs serve the family surrounding those suffering with the disease of addiction as much as the individuals themselves. 


We hold families as they work with their suffering loved ones to move toward a better way of life and into the light of recovery. 

Austin Recovery Network provides recovery support to our community in a variety of ways:


FAMILY HOUSE: is a residential treatment center for pregnant women and mothers with children under 6. Family House was created to provide a safe and nurturing space for these vulnerable children while women move into recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and receive parenting education. Children go to on-site, fully-licensed daycare program while their mothers participate in a full daily 12-step-based treatment schedule, all while staying close to their well cared-for babies and kids. Family House keeps families together – both in the treatment setting and as they move back into the world.

UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL: is a sober high school that provides a safe, sober and academic environment for students. Academic and college-prep curriculum, and teachers are provided by the University of Texas Charter School. Our experienced, licensed UHS staff provides strong recovery support on an individualized, daily basis for each student and their families.

OUTPATIENT TREATMENT SERVICES: provides individualized recovery programs for men and women seeking outpatient treatment. Intensive Outpatient Programming is offered in a Women’s group setting as well as a Co-Ed group setting and each participant also receives multiple individual therapy sessions within our certified dual-diagnosis treatment center. Family therapy sessions and parenting in recovery sessions are available upon request. Clients are connected to the larger recovery community through the Austin Recovery Alumni groups and 12-step groups.  

KEYSTONE ALTERNATIVE PEER GROUPgives youth and emerging adults a fun and safe environment for peer support and accountability, buoyed by access to peer recovery coaches and the broader recovery community. Keystone APG also provides essential family support meetings and access for each young person. 

AUSTIN RECOVERY ALUMNI ORGANIZATION: is a community of people living vibrantly in recovery, whose lives have been forever changed by treatment from the Austin Recovery Network. Through weekly in-person and online meetings, activities, private social media groups and more, the Alumni stay connected to a strong recovery network and peer support. 


Give to Austin Recovery Network… because EVERYONE is worthy of RECOVERY.


If you or someone you know needs help with substance use disorder, or you would like to learn more about our programs and approach, 

please go to for immediate help and answers.

Donation Levels

$1,000 Austin Recovery Network HERO

Provide support to ALL of our programs and help us create real tangible impact in our community.

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$500 Speaking of Birthdays...

Austin Recovery Network celebrates the sobriety birthdays of our Moms at Family House, the little ones they've brought with them, our UHS and Keystone students, and any one in recovery within our Network. Help us celebrate each personal milestone in style.

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$250 Austin Recovery Network Champion
$100 ARN Gold Star


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