Dear Friends and Theatre-Goers,


Thank you for your support of Wild Imaginings. Whether you came to one of our shows to support a friend or just come see what we were about, your attendance at our shows matters.


Our goal is always to cultivate a willingness to explore, experiment, and otherwise push the boundaries of what performing arts can be and the impact they can have in the community. Whoever you are, we want to take you on a journey into new and relevant work to empower local artists (those you saw performing and those you didn’t) as well as the audience (you!).


As we continue moving forward, however, we realize that we need your help. We remain dedicated to producing free events for the public, while maintaining the affordable cost of the rest of our programming. In this way, all of Waco can enjoy performance at the standard of excellence that we seek to uphold, because after all, art is for everyone! 


We believe that one of the next steps in expanding our work and deepening our impact is to partner with people like you — people who already believe in what we're doing and who might take this opportunity to become one of our monthly supporters. Through contributing to our monthly budget we would be able to dream bigger and provide more for the city that we all love. 


Will you help?


There are a number of sponsorship levels that you can choose from, and honestly, anything helps. As much as $100 or as little as $10 a month can make an immeasurable impact (way more impact than a Netflix queue, we promise). 


And we understand this is a commitment. We have already committed to Waco, but now we’re asking you to commit to us. And that can be a big decision. So we’re here to answer any questions you may have. 


Where specifically does the money go?

What are our long term goals?

Why does doing plays even matter?


Ask away! Our answers might just surprise you. We believe in what we’re doing, and we want you to believe in it, too. 


Feel free to reach out to our Artistic Director, Trent Sutton. His vision has brought us this far, and I’m sure he would love to share with you about what’s coming next. His email is


Looking forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to count you as one of our monthly partners!

Membership Plans

Supporter - $10
Partner - $20
Patron - $50
Guardian - $100


Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible