Rotary Club of Wake Forest Pork Butt Sale 2022 Fundraiser

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Sat, April 16, 2022
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

Forks Cafeteria
339 Brooks St
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Hey Pork Butt Lovers! 


As many of you know, the Rotary Club is a global network of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. In support of this year's fundraising efforts, we are excited to announce the addition of a culinary component.


Help support the Rotary Club's efforts in providing funding for local programs that help children and adults alike. The First Annual Pork Butt Sale fundraiser will be a celebration of food, drink, and desserts in Wake Forest.  


Order your dinners right away! Just in time for Easter supper.


  • We are selling a 10 - 14 lb. Pork Butt fully cooked & ready to eat. Reheating may be required.
  • Fully Cooked Pork Butt will cost $45 each and must be ordered online by 04/14/2021 @ 5:00 PM
  • Additional family-sized servings of Sides, Desserts, and Drinks are available for purchase.
  • Pick up dinner on Saturday, 4/16/2022, between 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM at the Forks Cafeteria located at 339 Brooks St, Wake Forest, NC 27587
  • Dine-In will not be available for those looking to dine inside, this will be offered as a take-out option only for a take-home dinner. 


After you place your order online, You will receive an email confirmation for your purchase after payment has been made. Please do not make changes to your order once submitted. All orders must be finalized before the day before the event, or they will not be processed. No orders will be taken during the pickup event date. 


*All sales are final. A receipt is sent via email with your order number in case it is needed.


Please email us at  if you have any questions or need help with your order!


Thank you for your support!




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where does my donation go?
A: The Wake Forest Rotary Foundation is the recipient of all donations made through the Annual Pork Roast Sale Fundraiser using The Wake Forest Rotary Foundation is organized as a public charity operated exclusively for charitable purposes and governed by a Board of Trustees. The headquarters of Wake Forest Rotary Foundation and The Wake Forest Rotary Club is in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. 


Q: What type of programs will my donations be used for by the Foundation?
A: The Wake Forest Rotary Foundation provides support for the following programs:

  • LaunchWakeForest & LaunchROLESVILLE - We support and develop entrepreneurs of small businesses in the Wake Forest and Rolesville area, by providing access to training, business loans, business development services, mentors, and networking opportunities.
  • Medical Debt Relief Program - We have partnered with Wake Med to help cancer patients with unpaid past-due medical bills that have piled up from ongoing treatments.
  • College Scholarships - We annually offer high school scholarship opportunities to high school seniors in the community who have been accepted to a four-year college/university or a two-year technical college for higher education.
  • Local Youth Leadership Conferences - RYLA is a truly unique leadership conference specifically designed for high school juniors.  Delegates who are chosen to attend this conference are students who have demonstrated leadership potential in scholastic, athletic, and civic activities. Those who attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Conference will be tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Foreign Exchange Students - Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Exchanges for students ages 15-19 are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries. Long-term exchanges last a full academic year, and students attend local schools and live with multiple host families. Short-term exchanges last from several days to three months and are often structured as camps, tours, or homestays that take place when school is not in session.
  • Eradication of Polio Worldwide - Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years. Our goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever. As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, we've reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent since our first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979.
  • Tri-Area Ministry Food Bank - Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry provides food and personal hygiene products to our community families in need.  Together, we strive to Stop Hunger and Feed Hope.
  • The Boys & Girls Club - Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina is dedicated to providing a continuum of care to meet the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, social, educational, and spiritual needs of children, youth, and families in distress at-risk. To provide an environment of care that promotes health, healing, and hope among children, youth, and families who enter our continuum of care.

Dinners Provided

$45 Fully Cooked Pork Butt

(Serves 10-13 People) Our Pork Butt is a pork shoulder that has been trimmed and most of the fat removed. Then smoked for 12.5 hours on a slow rotisserie smoker. This results in a leaner, but still moist and juicy, piece of meat. The result is a delicious piece of meat that is perfect for pulled pork sandwiches or served as is with your favorite barbecue sauce.

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$12 Coleslaw (Pint Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) Served Cold. A pint of coleslaw is a side dish made from shredded cabbage and carrots, mixed with a mayonnaise-based dressing.

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$12 Green Beans (Pint Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) Served Hot. Looking for a delicious and easy way to add some green veggies to your meal? Look no further than our cooked green beans! 

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$12 Yams (Pint Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) Served Hot. Who doesn't love a yam? Baked to perfection, these sweet potatoes make for a delicious side dish. With crispy skin and a fluffy interior, our baked yams are sure to satisfy any craving. So go ahead and give one a try today!

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$12 Turnip Greens (Pint Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) Served Hot. Cooked Turnip Greens are a delicious and healthy side dish. Our turnip greens are cooked with bacon, making them a tasty and satisfying choice for any side dish.

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$12 Mac & Cheese (Pint Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) Served Hot. This isn't your average mac and cheese! Our cooked mac and cheese is made with a variety of cheeses, ensuring a delicious and exciting flavor. Perfect for gatherings of 6-8 people, this pint is sure to be a hit!

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$12 Red Potatoes (Pint Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) Served Hot. A pint of boiled red potatoes is small, whole potatoes that have been boiled in water until they are cooked through then seasoned. They are often served with butter and salt.

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$8 Sweet Tea (Gallon Size)

A gallon of southern sweet tea drink made from black tea, sugar, and water. It is served cold and very sweet!

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$8 Unsweet Tea (Gallon Size)

A gallon of southern sweet tea drink made from black tea, sugar, and water. It is served cold and not sweet!

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$8 Lemonade (Gallon Size)

A gallon of southern pink lemonade is a refreshing drink made with fresh lemons, sugar, and water. Enjoy it served over ice. 

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$24 Pecan Pie (Whole Pie Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) A whole pecan pie made with pecans, sugar, corn syrup, and eggs, baked in a crust made from flour, butter, and salt. Don't forget to serve it with ice cream or whipped cream.

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$24 Lemon Pie (Whole Pie Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) A whole lemon pie made with fresh lemons, sugar, and eggs, baked in a crust made from flour, butter, and salt. Don't forget to serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

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$24 Chocolate Pie (Whole Pie Size)

(Serves 6-8 People) A whole Chocolate pie made with chocolate, sugar, and eggs, baked in a crust made from flour, butter, and salt. Don't forget to serve it with whipped cream or ice cream.

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$24 Coconut Pie (Whole Pie Size)

(Serves 6-8 People)A whole coconut pie made with coconuts, sugar, and eggs, baked in a crust made from flour, butter, and salt. Don't forget to serve with whipped cream!

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$12 Banana Pudding (Small Tray Size)

(Serves 3-5 People) Banana pudding is a dessert made with layered bananas, vanilla wafers, and pudding. It is often served with whipped cream​​​​​​.

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