This Way Out International LGBTQIA radio proudly marks epidode #1,700 & more than 32 years of weekly radio broadcasts on community radio around the world.

Dear Friend of This Way Out radio,

We proudly mark LGBTQ+ History Month and ask you to join us in commemorating our 1,700th episode on public and community radio stations and online around the world. Episode #1700 represents more than 32 years of weekly radio broadcasts amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices, stories, and news from and for our queer and queer ally families across borders and in cities large and small.  

It is empowering to remember the amazing contributions LGBTQ+ and allied people made to society throughout history. Consider making an honorary $17.00 or $1,700.00 donation to applaud the stalwart efforts of the co-founders Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle who continue to produce and distribute the 29-minute radio program every week.

I write in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ families as we experience stark contrasts that impact our very existence. The headlines have been staggering. Pope Francis makes a game changing statements supporting LGBTQ people and the U.S. Supreme Court is set to dismantle the rights gained for women, LGBTQ, immigrants, and people of color. Climate change will affect the coming decades more than any else. How does this affect LGBTQIA+ people around the globe? This Way Out radio is vital to the formula for a better informed population.

No matter how liberal or progressive mainstream media becomes on reporting LGBTQ issues, it will always be vital that LGBTQ people talk to each other, and produce media BY, FOR, AND ABOUT LGBTQ people. Greg Gordon, This Way Out Coordinating Producer

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We also are grateful to the countless volunteers who voice our Newswrap headlines, contribute stories, and operate the more than 150 community radio stations that carry us. We are thrilled to welcome new affiliate stations, WODU on the campus of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and RadioWizzMusic in Manilla, Phillipines.

Mail checks to: Overnight Productions, (Inc.) / This Way Out, P.O. Box 1065, Los Angeles, CA 90078

I joined the team in 2018 as news producer and last year added the CEO of our parent organization Overnight Productions, (inc.) to strengthen and build on the legacy that Greg, Lucia and countless volunteers have created. I come from an archivist and radio broadcasting background and look to preserving This Way Out’s history and keep it rolling for as long as our voices are needed.

On June 25th,  2020, This Way Out hosted the Global Queer Read-In, streaming live for 12 hours with 32 volunteers, including 2020 Pulitzer prize winning poet Jericho Brown, Alfre Woodard, Charles Busch, and Sophie B. Hawkins reading excerpts of their favorite queer piece of literature. You can view the readings on This Way Out channel on

Goals for 2021 include translating our 10-minute Newswrap headlines into Spanish language for distribution to Spanish language radio stations, create a new series for LGBTQIA+ youth, build partnership and collaborations with affinity organizations.

Text TWOGIVE to (818) 614-5897

Phone: +1 818 986 4106

WHY NOW? No matter the outcome of the most critical election in U.S. history, it is vital that we hold space on our public and community radio stations and continue to broadcast the news affecting LGBTQI+ people and communities in addition to online access.

Radio is an important element of communications around the world. In the event of natural disasters and those that affect television and computer transmission, radio will be one of the last bastions of mass communication, accessible by battery operated transistor radios. I rely on my solar powered emergency radio/weather/flashlight when the electricity goes out.

One of the most subversive things you can do is to tell the truth.  This Way Out has done that for over three decades now.  It hasn’t always been easy, but a fanatic reliance to the truth has proven to be indispensable in making the case for anatomy/gender/orientation equity,” Jon Beaupré’ Prof. of TV, Film & Media Studies and Overnight Productions, (Inc.) Board Treasurer.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, for the first time in 32 years, we hired a digital media coordinator who will manage our website and social media platforms and expand our reach to new audiences. Welcome Rebecca!

A monthly gift of $5 or more helps to expand our research and continue delivering free daily facts about LGBTQ+ History.

This Way Out is produced and distributed by Overnight Productions, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. It's mission is to educate, inform and entertain audiences around the world by making freely available the presentation of news, features and cultural works by and about the international lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community via audio broadcast and cyber media.

Like/Follow our Facebook Page for weekly LGBTQ+ History posts. You can also view Newswrap with closed captions by following our YouTube Channel.  


Brian DeShazor

CEO Overnight Productions, (inc.) / This Way Out

Newswrap producer

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