Nothing says “best teacher ever” like an engraved ruler displayed in The Welman Project’s mobile warehouse! Your gift will help us deliver FREE supplies straight to schools!

Hi! I’m Barb the Bus – Barb for short – and boy, do I have good news for you! You can honor the incredible teachers in your life by helping me help the nonprofit I work for – The Welman Project. We all know teachers spend way too much of their own time and money trying to get the supplies they need for their students. That's where Welman comes in, getting these much needed classroom materials into teachers’ hands at absolutely no cost to them!


My role is to help keep it classy by cruising around the Fort Worth area filled to the brim, delivering FREE supplies to teachers right on their campus. I can impact the education of tens of thousands of students at schools that need the most support - but, I need YOUR help to get out on the road!


With your donation, your favorite current or former teacher's name will be inscribed on a fancy schmancy ruler that will forever be displayed on my ceiling for everyone to see, and they'll receive a "You Rule" card letting them know that you're helping to support thousands of local educators in their name.


Telling a teacher they rule, AND helping deliver free classroom supplies? Nothing makes the smile on my grille bigger.


Rolling along,
Barb the Bus
Transportation Director
The Welman Project





Gift Levels

$25 Engraved Ruler
Your favorite current or former teacher's name inscribed on a ruler on the ceiling of the Welman Project mobile warehouse.
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25 of 800 claimed
$50 Super Special Engraved Ruler
Stand out from the crowd! A limited number of brightly colored inscribed rulers will be part of the ceiling design. You'll also receive a wooden inscribed ruler to give to your teacher!
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18 of 200 claimed