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We are a group of South East Austin and Travis County residents who are tired of our area not having a full seat at the table. We want to help those in our community understand the importance of local, state, and national government and their role in electing officials that will prioritize this area and the community's needs. We are unhappy with the direction of our government and are stepping up - and encouraging others - to do something about it!

Our mission is to amplify the diverse voices of residents of South East Austin and Travis County by building an active and engaged community of voters through education, civic service projects, and social events in order to elect Democrats who reflect the values and priorities of the voters of this region and are committed to providing quality services to their constituents.

  • We will work to increase the percentage of registered voters and voter turnout in South East Austin and Travis County by engaging precinct chairs, block captains, and group members in community outreach through events, mailers, texts, and block walking.
  • We will help community members connect to their local elected officials by making those elected officials accessible at meetings and maintaining a directory of local officials and their contact information.
  • We will engage in service projects that reflect the values of the community.
  • We will provide civic education through various resources such as literature, speakers, websites, and co-hosting events with other established organizations and groups.
  • We will provide meaningful, tangible ways for community members to stand-up, engage, and demand action!

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