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We encourage you to Join Us in our efforts to sponsor events, gatherings and meetings for the purpose of preserving and exchanging shamanic rituals and ceremonies by joining us today.

Call to the Shamans of the World. We are asking shamans, visionary artists, & wisdom teachers to travel to communities who want them (like the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado) because we recognize that spiritual knowledge is best passed, transmitted and preserved by direct contact and experience. If you can not travel to us, we offer virtual options to connect with our tribe. We honor and respect your answer to our call. Mahalo

The Traveling Shamans is a group of shamans, wisdom teachers, & visionary artists each of whom has agreed to travel to areas around the world to provide shamanic programs as a method of preserving and transmitting both modern and ancient traditions while providing ceremonies and shamanic services to individuals, schools, and other cultural preservation groups who want them. 

We are so grateful for Patrons who provide not only material but also vital spiritual and energetic support to the Traveling Shamans to Shamans Camp and to the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Patrons may also provide lodging and food, protection rituals, help shamans with travel by providing plane tickets or other transportation from their homes for themselves and assistants. Elderly shamans may also require physical assistance, drivers, and technical assistance with technology and social media during ceremonies or travel. 

Wisdom teachers, interested hosts or potential patrons or volunteers please join us to discuss your plans for working with us.



Patron Options

Friends of Shamans ($4mo)

Patrons at this level will receive:

  • Postcards from Shamans
  • Access to video archives
  • Patron-only archives access
Custom Amount Monthly
Directory Patron ($6mo)

Patrons at this level will receive:

  • All the benefits of the previous level as well as
  • Listing in Shamanic Arts Directory
$6 every Month
Project Patron ($8mo)

Patrons at this level will receive: 

  • All the benefits of the previous levels as well as
  • Membership in any project group desired.
$8 every Month
Shamans Camp Patron ($15mo)

Shamans Camp Patrons receive 

  • All benefits of previous levels
  • Vendor or Reader Booth @ Traveling Shamans Camp
Custom Amount Monthly
Sponsor Patron ($20mo)

Sponsor Patrons will receive

  • All the benefits of the previous levels.
  • Free camping site @ Traveling Shamans Camp. 
  • Listing as sponsor on main and camp website

If you'd like to discuss this opportunity or prefer to donate Bitcoin, or some other resource, please call Julia at 970-200-LOVE.

$20 every Month
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