End of Year Giving 2022

With only about 30% of adults in San Antonio having a college degree or higher, we are leaving too many people behind. We know that it’s not enough to help students enroll in college. They need help to complete college to maximize economic mobility.


The San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP) continues to create college opportunities, access, and success for our community.


This year we are proud to announce the expansion of services to include support services to our SAEP Scholars beyond the scholarship. Services provided will build community, increase belonging, and connect scholars to needed resources to ensure degree attainment.


Your gift, no matter how small or large, makes a difference for these students by investing in their future.

Impact a Life Today


Supports one student through one advising session.

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Supports one student as they explore careers and life after high school.

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Supports a student through the entire college admissions process. 

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Supports a college readiness workshop for low-income high schoolers.

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