Trust And Invest In Families
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Sat, September 21, 2019
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST

1000 East 11th Street Suite 400
Austin , TX 78702
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Saffron Trust Women's Foundation and The Family Independence Initiative are providing environment and technology platform for families to build their own community.

Saffron Trust Womens Foundation Together with FII are building a movement to change the way low-income families are perceived and invest in families in Texas. We will invest in your business ideas / or goal where you need investment opportunities.

FII brings Hope 

Since 2001, FII has been observing and documenting the lives of low-income families. We have seen that the barriers to economic and social mobility for low-income families are not found within the families themselves, but instead are a set of assumptions that characterize low-income people as either lazy or helpless victims who need professional intervention. These perceptions determine the design of policies and practices meant to impact these families. As a result, services and resources are structured in ways that reinforce the perception of low-income families as powerless, broken, and lacking in direction, self-determination, and community support.





FII brings a different and very simple approach.

They  trust and invest in low-income families as well as the solutions they discover on their own. They start with the knowledge that we have underestimated the potential and resourcefulness of low-income communities to improve their own financial and general well-being. They know there are systematic barriers that challenge families’ ability to leverage their assets, strengths, and capacities. Their work is all about removing these barriers. They  do away with the traditional top-down approach to fighting poverty by letting families themselves be the change agents.


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Saffron Trust W omens Foundation and The Family Independence Initiative
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