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As hundreds of students embarked on the long journey to the Sydney International Regatta Centre in New South Wales, Australia to attend the 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge, they expected a typical RoboNation competition.  What they did not expect was to forge unbreakable bonds between cultures, universities, and students that will last a lifetime.  Each team came with their own challenges, from boats arriving late to missing and damaged parts, travel difficulties, and more. However, our students met these obstacles with creativity, and approached each other with a welcoming spirit.  For some, this meant joining forces. Our Team from Lake Superior State University found themselves in the unlucky position of a boat stuck in customs. Meanwhile, our team from Queensland University of Technology owned a boat, but lacked the students to participate in the competition. Soon, the two teams found themselves working together, bonded now under the name Team Amore. But their new family wasn't complete. Once onsite, they linked up with George Mason University students who didn't have a boat but instead a drone (another component of the competition), and two became three for Amore.  This spirit of community permeated throughout the entire competition. Teams donated parts to others in need, partnerships were developed, data was shared, and a lone student representing a team from Japan was adopted into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Team Minion. 

Challenges, especially the ones we cannot plan, affect everyone. It is our character that drives us to make good decisions, especially when we face adversity. The young men and women who attended the 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge showed the world what character-driven mentality is about–and how it's revealed through teamwork. 

RoboNation competitions and programs are where theory meets practice. Inside classrooms across the globe, grade school and university students are learning the theory of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; but few of these same students have the opportunity practice this knowledge outside of theoretical constructs and perfect conditions. That's where RoboNation comes in. RoboNation is all about experiences – relationships and technical.

With your help, we can continue to bring the gift of robotics to students of all ages and backgrounds. Together, we can build a future STEM workforce of dedicated, intelligent, and diverse leaders with a passion for autonomy—but moreover, make the difference and light a spark in the lives of students across the world. 

In 2022, RoboNation conducted in-person competitions for the first time since 2019! From the halls of the University of Maryland, to the sands of Sarasota, Florida...and all the way Down Under to Sydney, Australia, thousands of students had the opportunity to forge community, break barriers, and be challenged in the field of robotics. 🌏 Your generosity helped make this success possible! *Donations are tax deductible for American tax payers. 


Your contribution to the RoboNation community provides valuable resources and training to the next generation of industry leaders. Through your support, RoboNation can continue to offer students the tools they need - videos, hands-on kits, experiential learning activities and competitions – to establish a successful career in robotics.


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