Richmond Rotary Holiday Auction
The Contractors' Lunch
Erle and Jonathon once again toss down the gauntlet. Can the Club's die-hards outlast one another despite the abuse to which they've subjected their bodies to over the years? Up to 10 people - get your spot now!
Guided Birding Trip
In years past, Nick Despota offered guided birding trips for our auctions. Today, owing to Covid limits on indoor gatherings, the great outdoors seems greater than ever. So Nick again offers an expert-guided birding trip, this time to Coyote Hills Regional Park. Instead of the usual focus on species count, this trip will highlight perception. Similar to recognizing a friend on the street, identifying a bird in the wild depends on an integration of sense impressions: a glimpse of a black-white streak, a rattling trill, a rustle of grasses. Enhancing moment-to-moment awareness is the goal of our trip. Maximum of 6 participants.
Lau's Luau
Celebrate our 50th state's 62nd Admissions Day on August 21, 2021. Enjoy cocktails, pupus (appetizers) and dinner. This is an outdoor activity that will follow whatever health guidelines are in effect at that time. Okole Maluna (bottoms up)! Aloha! 12 seats available.
Sold Out
Fleet Week Sailboat Outing
Mark Howe invites you to watch the Fleet Week air show from the water on his sail boat, lunch and drinks provided. Past acts included the Blue Angels, trickster bi-planes, parachuters, and big jets. The likely date is the first or second Saturday in October, 2021. Limited to 8 guests.
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Custom Portraits, 1-2 people
A one-of-a-kind work that you’ll appreciate forever: a drawing of yourself, your family, or your grandchildren by our very own Alan Blavins. No contact art! Alan will create each work from a high-resolution photograph you submit. Offering up to 6 portraits, up to 2 people in each portrait.
Zoom Cooking Class & Wine Pairing
Marsha Tomassi (former Richmonder & owner of Ultimate Inner Cook) invites you to connect your kitchen and her's via Zoom for a one of a kind group cooking class. Join Marsha as she guides you through 3 - 4 items (app, salad, main and dessert) and passes on some cooking tidbits. Sip wine - paired to the menu - along the way! Sample menu*: An Italian Evening Baked Medjool Date Stuffed with Meyer Lemon Zested Burrata and Prosciutto Sicilian Carrot Salad Puttanesca Pasta Bursted Berries! * menu subject to change based on ingredient availability What you get: Access for 2 via zoom Two bottles of wine paired with the final menu An ingredients list Recipes A fun experience in your kitchen!
Pickle Ball Clinic & Lunch
Join Darlene Drapkin for some serious outdoor fun! The Intro Pickleball Clinic will be held on a Saturday (TBD) at Richmond’s Booker T Anderson Park. Pickleball is a mish mash of badminton, tennis, and ping pong and it’s the fastest growing sport in the country. Pickleball is easy to learn and offers great exercise, yet won’t wear you out. It's a great outdoor activity that’s enjoyed by entire families! The package includes lunch: tacos from Richmond’s El Garage and agua fresca! 12 people max, $45 buy in per person
Hiroshima Survivor Trees
Botanists and historians take note: these camphor trees are descendants of those that survived the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima. During the 2017 Rotary convention in Atlanta, survivor trees were planted at the Carter Presidential Library to instill hope for a more peaceful world.   Up to 4 trees available. Each camphor tree comes with a plaque, stake and book. They range in height from 4 to 6 feet.   Truely inestimable value, but you can care for a piece of history for $75. Note: Shipping and handling from Atlanta may cost $30 - $50 additionally, depending on tree size.   Donated by Steve Leeper, WE Rotary, c/o Pierre Thompson 
Blossoms & Thorns Notecard Reprint
Jan Brown is offering a reprint of the quality note card sets featuring images from the original Richmond Art Center exhibit “Blossoms and Thorns” in 2010. These images capture the melancholy beauty of wild roses that continued to thrive in the abandoned greenhouses in what is now known as Miraflores, the site of the former Sakai and Oishi nurseries in Richmond. Photographs courtesy of local photographers: Ellen Gailing, Fletcher Oakes, Ken Osborne and Matt Matsuoka in honor of Richmond Rotary’s 100th Anniversary and the Miraflores Centennial Project 2020. Printing by local union printer. Eight cards with envelopes.
Buy a Kid a Bike
Each year hundreds of families sign up for the Richmond Fire & Police Holiday Program to receive toys and food for their children and a chance to win a bike. Bikes are given away by lottery...some kids get bikes...and some don't. Let's make sure more kids DO.  Each donation of $90.00 purchases one bike and helmet!