Ways You Can Engage

Fri, November 25 12:00 PM ET
to Tue, November 29 5:00 PM ET

Giving Options

$9Responding to the need

Something as simple as showing up can be the first crucial step toward building trust. 

We are committed to walking with women no matter how long it takes, or how rough the road.

Your $9 pays for a cup of coffee, text message, or phone call with a survivor who has taken the brave step of asking for help.

$25First Steps

Limited resources brings many barriers to participants wanting to better their lives.  Your $25 allows RIA, Inc to provide childcare, an Uber, or an interview outfit for a participant ready to enter the workforce. 

$60Moving Forward

Your $60 donation will provide a participant a bus pass to get to work - or a phone to help them stay connected to their employers. 

$100The Path to Healing

Seventy Percent of healing from trauma is knowing that there is a person in the world that has been through your experience and can show you a different path.  $100 supports one month of relationship building between the participant and our Survivor Professional Mentor. 




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