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RFTS Needs a place to Call Home!

Reach For The Stars 501(c)3 charity needs a larger space to expand client production. Lets ensure the needs of the clients are met. Give Today!


Reach For The Stars Charity has reached its max capacity as an "in-home" Charity.

It is time to start seriously thinking about moving into a more productive enviroment for our clientele. Currently Carlos (CEO) and Kira (COO) are spending the each day doing the day-to-day tasks like creating food boxes, serving clients at RFTS and around town, organizing the pantry items. events, assembling homeless outreach kits as well as packing up and unpacking the stargazing equipment (to say the least).

The day-to-day leaves little time to conduct other tasts like seeking volunteers for outreach, food outreach, networking with schools, buisnesses and creating programs for astronomy classes. It also gets in the way of spending time on the books, governing documents, and grant writing.

Volunteers do come and spend valuable time packing backpacks, collecting delivery food boxes and helping to organize. However there just is not enough space in our small home environment to continue this direction.

This restriction is keeping us from taking in more volunteers (adult and youth), extra balanced meal options from other donors, a variety of donations of hygeine/clothes/telescopes, and not being able to educate our youth/adults on astronomy in a class setting.

If there is anyone who comes across a vacant lot of land, warehouse or office space... please let us know. RFTS needs to be in a decently dark area for stargazing yet accessible to clients. 

We have noticied that while grant writing, it is hard to find a grant for land/space, once you have the land, there are MANY grant options available (i.e. land beutification, building grants, office furniture, technology, solar and so on)

Donate today to help us reach our potential. Or help us search for space by asking your network of friends and co-workers for ideas and options. 


Background photo by Greg Rosenke / Unsplash