Set your contribution level ($200+) & enjoy all levels of benefits, including more! This plan is a HUGE Blessing to MANY clients & the charities success! Illuminate your community!

A passionate mission leaves no room for failure...

Reach For The Stars is on a mission. Our passions have aligned, and we have set clear, obtainable goals and expectations with our 3 programs. There is no other charity like us, and that's why it is working so well. We have no intention to stop, no intention to slow down and no intention to fail. If we were rich, this wouldn’t work. Knowing and understanding the value that a dollar, breaths life into our work. We appreciate and make the most of every donation we receive. Our programs are growing at the speed of light, and we can't keep up with the demand financially yet. This is why your support is so vital, and we know we can't sustain our vision without you. Giving is another way of saying that we are here for each other as a community. Please help us make a difference! This membership is essential to meeting the growing needs of those who are truly struggling. Join our galaxy team... be the change and make a real difference in the universe.

As a member, you set the foundation of RFTS. Your membership provides us the security with supplies, food and necessities for our programs, all of which get distributed quickly throughout our wonderful clients. You will be uplifting the community in many ways, as well as supporting RFTS vision. We have your back just as you have ours. Thank you!

Monthly member subscription of $200 or more (much needed support) will receive all 3 levels of benefits as well as 2 RFTS t-shirts and a really cool astronomy gift from Kira and I. We appreciate you so much, and we couldn't do this without you. 


Membership Level 1 Benefits:

  1. Get listed on our website as a member/contributor (if you allow)
  2. Receive a RFTS sticker & personal thank you card from the CEO
  3. Be put in for a members-only monthly prize drawing
  4. Be invited to private events
  5. Have access to receipts of items purchased with donation money



Membership Level 2 Benefits:

  1. Includes all prior level benefits, plus:
  2. Receive a welcome gift bag 
  3. Receive RFTS VIP badge (can wear at any event/ have more access to behind the scenes, additional private Q&A time and asked for input on event flyers)
  4. Receive an unlimited coupon for 30% off RFTS online Gift Shop
  5. Invited to meetings via Zoom: (This will be when RFTS is brainstorming for ideas, issues and goals. RFTS welcomes your constructive criticism)


Membership Level 3 Benefits:

  1. Includes all prior level benefits, plus:
  2. Receive a RFTS Quality VIP T-shirt of your choice in size
  3. Free access to any paid event or classes on astronomy, telescope basics and more. (Just show up and flash your badge for free access


Membership Level 3 Bennifits:

  1. Includes all privious level benefits plus:
  2. 2 RFTS t-shirts
  3. Special Astronomy gift

Membership Plans

Level 4 - SuperNova: Over $200/month

For anyone who wants to be a galactic giver and subscribe for more than $200 every month. This donation will support SO MANY PEOPLE! Your extremely appreciated and we will make every dollar count. Thank you!

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