Help us cover your neighborhood in rainbows!

Flag requests ended June 30, but...

You can still sponsor our safe "Pride in Your Neighborhood" celebration! 

Use this page to make your tax-deductible donation.

* Donate 100 or more flags if you want your business to be a distribution point!

For 29 years, Pride has covered downtown Austin in rainbow celebrations of our LGBTQIA+ community, making Austin Pride our city’s largest one-day event.


This year, Austin's 30th annual Pride festival and parade are cancelled because of COVID-19, but we can still show our LGBTQIA+ Pride in every neighborhood in Greater Austin!


Thousands of Central Texan households and businesses accepted QWELL Community Foundation's invitation to request ONE FREE RAINBOW FLAG to fly Austin Pride Week, August 9-15, 2020. 


Now we need your donation to purchase the flags and prove that LGBTQIA+ people and our friends and family are everywhere in the Austin area.


Covering Greater Austin in rainbows will be an especially powerful statement for those folks who may still be in quarantine, closeted, or unable to attend a raucous, hot, outdoor Pride celebration. 


Everyone who gets a flag will also receive a special guide to help them find and support Austin-area LGBTQIA+ organizations. Many of our local LGBTQIA+ humanitarian organizations are struggling due to the pandemic. With your help, we can spread the good word about their good work to many more good people. 


Flag donors will be recognized in the special print publication distributed with each rainbow flag, listed from largest to smallest in conspicuous to small typeface.

If you are donating in an official capacity on behalf of your company or organization, be sure to enter that information in your order form. Logo recognition available for donations of 100 or more flags; logo size will correspond to the size of the donation (largest donations = largest logos). 


Prize donors also sought for our Home Pride Display Contest!


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QWELL, Greater Austin's LGBTQIA+ Community Foundation, is a fund of Austin Community Foundation

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$15 Donate 1 Flag
$30 Donate 2 Flags
$75 Donate 5 Flags
$150 Donate 10 Flags
$300 Donate 20 Flags
$750 Donate 50 Flags
$1,500 Donate 100 Flags
$3,000 Donate 200 Flags
$4,500 Donate 300 Flags
$7,500 Donate 500 Flags
$15,000 Donate 1,000 Flags

You may order multiples of 1,000 flags. For example, order 10 of this item to donate 10,000 flags. 


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