Operation Get Out Virtual Fundraising Auction

Operation Get Out, OGO, is a 501c3 that is passionate about sharing the benefits of what being in, near or on the water can do for positive mental and emotional wellness impact

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Thu, October 15 12:00 PM CT
to Thu, November 12 12:15 AM CT

We provide Blue Mind retreats, events, experiences, outings and equipment to get first responders, front line workers, veterans, agencies and individuals on the water through boating, wakesurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and other adjacent activities that are near the water that take in nature and the benefits of viewing the water. Science is validating more frequently that natural remedies such as the use of water as an intentional, alternative therapy can benefit individuals dealing with stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, PTS and illness. Our organization has witnessed profound unlocking by giving individuals the opportunity to be on the water. Our network of ambassadors and partners provide resources, time and energy to pour into our servicemen and women to unlock and reset. #letthewatermoveyou #waterismedicine


We share the waters with others after Kristin McLain, one of "us" and a fellow paddler, wakesurfer and flight nurse, lost her life in a rescue mission. Through the years, we unknowingly witnessed the amazing grace that water had upon her spirit and soul as a first responder. It let her emotions flow, washed away her fatigue, gave her inner buoyancy, and unlocked the pain inside. Soon after we lost her, we embraced a similar water story with the Jessica Hollis family. We know water works to move and mend the soul; humbly, we've witnessed it with so many others who have selflessly served our community and country as well. We have seen and heard the testimonies that it has unlocked and moved many first responders, front line workers and veterans to a more positive place of mental and emotional wellness.


The goal of this fundraising drive is to assist with providing retreats and equipment to fulfill our 2021 requests. 2020 has been a very difficult year for our front line workers and the need for natural, therapeutic mental and emotional wellness impact is great. Please help us give back to those that give so selflessly of themselves.


See more of our story at www.OperationGetOut.org


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