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Thu, September 01 12:00 AM CT
to Fri, September 30 11:45 PM CT

Big Frank Crank N Plank is a grassroots fitness challenge that takes place every September. Born in the midst of Covid, Big Frank Crank N Plank began with a group of friends deciding to get outside, ride their bikes, and plank in their living rooms. In our first year, 2020, the challenge proved to be a welcome reprieve from the stresses that most felt during uncertain times. At its core, Big Frank Crank N Plank is a desire to stay active, get outdoors, and create opportunities for others to do so as well! It is a reminder that for one month out of the year, we take a step back to realign ourselves to the importance of our overall health while giving back to a community in need.

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Big Frank Crank N Plank has three objectives:

  1. Provide participants with a comradery-fueled challenge to test themselves both mentally and physically

  2. Honor the memory of our dearly departed Big Frank

  3. Raise funds to provide Bikes For Kids and Wheels for Wellness - getting bikes into the hands of kids and/or first responders and military for positive mental, emotional and physical wellness impact for individuals dealing with PTS, trauma, loss, stress, anxiety, and depression through Operation Get Out, a 501c3 nonprofit. Your $50 registration goes towards a bike & helmet ($275 funds an entire bike & helmet!)


The challenge consists of cycling 150 miles and planking 150 minutes during the month of September - or additional divisions that might better suit your needs or preferences. 

Once registered, participants will receive the link to a live spreadsheet where they log their miles/minutes into an active leaderboard of all other participants. This creates a dynamic interaction of friendly competition, accountability, and comradery. 




Bike N Plank

1. Bike 150 Miles

2. Plank 150 Minutes


Roadrunner | Run N Plank

1. Run 50 Miles

2. Plank 150 Minutes


Warrior Walker

1. Walk 300 Minutes

2. 300 Couch Get Ups


Kids (5-12 years)

1. Ride your bike 5 days per week or 20 times total in September for longer than 10 minutes each outing

2. 300 Burpees with an average of 10 Burpees per day


Teens (13-19 years)

1. Bike or Stationary Bike 100 Miles

2. First 10 days: 200 Burpees

3. Next 10 days: Plank 50 Minutes

4. Final 10 days: 300 Jump Squats



Who is Big Frank?

Shared by Frank Sabatasso, Jr:

"I’m proud to say that Big Frank was my dad, Frank Sabatasso. He was a passionate man and as authentic as they come. He absolutely loved sports and the great outdoors. I consider myself an exceptionally lucky person to have been raised by someone who pushed me at a very young age to be adventurous in nature through hunting, fishing, camping, watersports, dirt biking, mountain biking, skiing… the list goes on. He also was beyond supportive of me playing every sport available.

I developed lifelong friendships forged through the comradery of sports going back to my kindergarten days. These friends will all tell you that Big Frank was the most present, booming voice at all the games. Soccer, baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, junior lifeguard competitions, in our adult years even our co-ed intramural games…. Big Frank was there and was absolutely an influential and dynamic force in the outcome of the game. Growing up, my Dad would routinely seek out my friend’s schedules and go watch their games even when I wasn’t there. Some of my friends have had Big Frank cheering them on from their pee wee football games, through high school, and even into their collegiate level. The same booming voice, the same passion, the same support, strong as ever.

When Big Frank experienced a major stroke two years ago, a couple of months before the announcement of Covid, it hit the community hard. It was very touching to see how all the friends he cheered on over the years came back to support him. Videos of him clearly trying hard to move his limbs, walk, and talk again brought many tears. For a proud man to lose his ability to speak and be physically independent, I know, was very hard for him. He fought hard through ICU, TCU, acute care, physical therapy, and speech therapy all amidst the struggles that Covid lockdown can bring to a hospital. A month before it was scheduled for him to come home, it was discovered he had stage 4 cancer. He was able to come home for a month, have loved ones see him without the Covid hospital protocols, and passed away peacefully in his home.

This was right around the time when Ryan Doyle was putting together a month-long fitness challenge. The timing worked out for a close group of my friends to do this challenge in honor of Big Frank. The momentum created through the powerful benefits of comradery, physical and mental challenges, and getting outside has the Big Frank Crank 'n Plank taking on a life of its own.

Getting outside, pushing yourself in nature, and forging strong relationships through comradery will always live."



  1. What if I do not have access to a bike or stationary bike? Can I run Instead? Yes! We have determined that one mile of running converts into three miles of cycling. When you enter your running miles, the spreadsheet will automatically convert your running miles to cycling miles. Just be sure to let us you will be running during the challenge.
  2. Is there a division for those who want to participate in the challenge but feel the 150/150 is a bit out of reach? ​​Yes! We have multiple divisions to accommodate all ranges of fitness. Be sure to check out the multiple divisions and see what's best for you. More information and videos to be found on our Instagram page @bigfrank_cnp
  3. I am an avid cyclist and ride over 100 miles per week. Are there incentives to go above and beyond the 150 miles for the month? We want to see some big miles on the leaderboard! We also have performance tiers for those seeking a little more oomph out of the challenge. Check out the performance tiers on our IG page @bigfrank_cnp
  4. Can I just donate and not participate in the challenge? We would like to see any interested parties attempt some version of the challenge. Send us a message at  with any limitations, concerns or ideas and we will design a challenge specifically to fit your needs. Otherwise, if you're just led to donate, it's a great cause and we certainly appreciate it!



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Register For Your Division

$50 Bike N Plank

Event Registration for Bike N Plank Division:

1. Bike 150 Miles

2. Plank 150 Minutes

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$50 Roadrunner | Run N Plank

Event Registration for Roadrunner Run N Plank Division:

  1. 50 miles of running 
  2. 150 minutes plank
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$50 Warrior Walker Division

Event Registration for Warrior Walker Division:

  1. 300 minutes of walking
  2. 300 couch get-ups
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$50 Teens 13-19 Years

Event Registration for Teen age 13-19 Division:

  1. 100 miles on bike/stationary bike
  2. First 10 days:   200 Burpees
  3. Next 10 days:  50 minutes of Planking
  4. Final 10 days:  300 Squat Jumps
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$50 Kids 5-12 years

Event Registration for Kids 5-12 Division:

  1. Ride your bike 5 days per week or 20 times total in September for longer than 10 minutes each outing
  2. 300 burpees with an average of 10 burpees per day
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$275 Funds a Bike & Helmet!


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