This Giving Tuesday we want to make your holiday shopping sweeter, by introducing items for purchase to donate to Obed's House!

Giving Options

$30 School Uniform

:At Obed's House, each of our children have the opportunity to attend private Christian schools. All schools in the Philippines, including public, require students to wear a uniform. As you can imagine, the uniforms get worn easily and we like for each kid to at least have 2 uniforms. 

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$50 50lb Sack of Rice

Each week at Obed's House, we consume around 50lbs of rice! Rice is a main staple in the Filipino culture and is eaten at every meal.

OBED’S FACT: We go through roughly 2,500 lbs of rice every year between our children, and our street feeding program.

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Free Gift Certificate for a Loved One!

Don't know what to buy your loved one for Christmas?

Donate to our general operating fund in honor of a family or friend for Christmas. We will issue you a special gift certificate to gift them on Christmas Day!

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$75 Mattress

In the Philippines, most people in poverty sleep on the ground or on cardboard. We love being able to offer each of our children a comfortable place to lay their head at night where they can also feel safe!

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$200 Electricity

As I'm sure you can imagine, 20+ people being at Obed's at any given time means a lot of electricity! Help us cover our electricity bill for 1 month!

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Free Donation of any amount

We are so appreciative of any amount you might be able to donate to Obed's. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your Christmas celebration this year!

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$60 Sponsor a Street Feeding

Each week we go out into the community and minister to the street children in our city. Many of the children we minister to are friends of our Obed's kids. The kids lead the entire feeding program from start to finish by selecting and shopping for the menu (usually a nutritious porridge consisting of rice, vetgables, chicken, and eggs with a roll) cooking it, then distributing it to the children throughout our city. Finally, we go to a community that we've partnered with over the past 5 years, and play games, do a bible study and eat together! The entire process from start to finish takes about 3 hours and it costs us around $60 a week. 

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