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Help us get back to school! No matter the circumstances, our students deserve the best education possible. Please, dig deep and help us change lives. Thank you!
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About Life School Foundation

LIFE School is an international English, Spanish, and Kaqchikel immersion school serving the pre-k through 6 grade community of Panajachel, Guatemala. We are a leading educational institution in the region and maintain almost a 100% retention and graduation rate among our students, some of whom that have gone on to make meaningful positive impacts in their community, and some of whom that have gone on to receive scholarships to attend top-tier universities. We provide invaluable life changing opportunities through our education and scholarship programs, but we need your help.
LIFE School enrolls almost 100 students, 50% of which receive at least some amount of financial assistance. These scholarships are funded by donors like you and go directly to securing access to a quality education for families seeking assistance. Each contribution ensures that a child is staying in school and receiving a quality education that will improve their lives as well as the lives of those in the community.
With donations of $225 per month, you can support 1 student's year of education. Donations of $450 per month would provide 2 students with a full scholarship for an entire year. If monthly contributions are not a viable option at this time, a biannual donation of $1,350 may be more convenient and will still provide a full year scholarship to one student. If you are interested in making a one time or once per year donation, please consider contributing a full year's scholarship in the amount of $2,700; this would secure a full scholarship for a more than deserving student and provide life changing opportunities. If you are unable to donate at any of these levels at this time, please consider making a contribution in the amount of your choosing. No matter the amount, we are grateful for your generosity!
Your continued support allows us to provide life changing educational opportunities to our beloved community. From all the staff, students, and their families - we thank you.

Giving Options

$225Silver Supporter

$225/month supports 1 full scholarship for a year.

$450Gold Supporter

$450/month supports 2 full scholarships for a year.

$1,350Half Scholarship

One time or recurring donation of half of a student's scholarship for one year. 

$2,700Full Scholarship

One time or recurring donation of a full scholarship to one student for a year.


Any amount is greatly appreciated.




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