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Joy Collaborative
Thu, November 04, 2021 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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About Joy Collaborative

Creating life-enhancing environments for kids with life-limiting medical conditions.

Who We Are

Joy Collaborative is a partnership of impassioned doers and givers – designers, architects and builders; donors, volunteers and sponsors – who come together to transform kids’ personal spaces. We create environments that for some kids become magnets of activity; for other kids a place of respite. For all the kids and families we serve, we aspire to create spaces that deliver joy.

What We Do

Buffeted by circumstances they have no control over, kids stuck at home can succumb to feelings of boredom, depression and isolation – emotions that impair their wellbeing. We create spaces that give control back to kids. Spaces that are unique to them and speak to them; that transform their home environment from a place they have to be to a setting where they – and others – want to be.

The Impact

Every kid needs a place where they can be themselves. Especially kids challenged by conditions that limit their activity and often keep them homebound. As a result of a new space, Joy Collaborative partners, sponsors and volunteer provide spaces that:

  • Empower kids
  • Enhance health and well-being
  • Combat social isolation
  • Facilitate daily living
  • Foster community
  • Spark a desire to give back
  • Deliver joy

 Check out our Joy Rooms page where our talented volunteers create environments for our program participants to thrive.


How to Help Us Bring Joy

As a 501(c)3 organization, Joy Collaborative relies on the support of givers who support us through donations of money, materials and labor. We partner with a wide range of organizations, from charitable foundations to for-proft businesses, as well as individuals from all walks of life. With your support, we can make life easier, more fulflling and – above all – more joyful for kids with life-limiting conditions.

 Financial Contributions

Financial contributions are used to the create Joy Rooms and fulfill the mission of providing spaces for children with life-limiting conditions to thrive.  Your financial contribution is tax deductible. 

Volunteer Service

Join us and see what can be accomplished when you get an impassioned team to focus on creating an environment for a child to thrive. Our volunteers include:

  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsors

In-Kind Donations

We are continually seeking materials, furniture, and building supplies to create Joy. Contact our team here to donate materials.



Giving Options

$100Seriously cool
$125Joy Room - Hans' Wonderland

Hans' is a local 6 year old with multiple severe disabilities.  MSR Design and Terra Construction will create a flexible and stimulating space for Hans, his family, friends and 24/7 care team.  

Your donation will apply towards a range of multisensory items designed to engage, teach and delight.  

$250Change maker

Help Joy Collaborative continue their mission of changing lives for youth.  

$500Joy Room - Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities help alliviate some financial burden for families with sick children.  The Twin Cities House is in need of a meditative/contemplative quiet space for families.  Help care givers get a break from guest rooms and active common areas to find well-being and rest by a beautifully designed Joy Room.

Design provided in collaboration wtih Medtronic and McGough Construction. 

$500Flooring sponsor

Donation covers demo, recycling and installation of new flooring to enhance comfort

$750Lighting sponsor

Donation covers new recessed or decorative fixtures to light up a child's space

$3,000Millwork sponsor

Donation covers specialty fixures or storage to enhance daily living

$5,000Southside Boys & Girls Club

Help us create a magnet teen tech center near George Floyd Square.  Your donation will help to increase Club membership and support workforce development skills, a podcast studio, and kick-off an e-sports league!   

Joy Collaborative is working alongside the MN Twins to develop this project.  

$0Joyful Sustainer

Enter your own amount as a sustaining member to maintain the transformative projects of Joy Collaborative. 

$0Tribute gift

What do you get a special person who has everything or who you wish to honor? Give a donation in their name that helps children in need.

$10,000Southside Boys & Girls Club

Help us create a magnet teen tech center near George Floyd Square.  Your donation will help to increase Club membership and support workforce development skills, create a podcast studio (gimme a beat!) and establish a world class e-sports league.   

Multiple sponsors at this level will be required.

Joy Collaborative is developing this project alongside the MN Twins. 


Nonprofit Donations Tax Deductible