Many parts of Nigeria do not have access to clean water, with rural villages suffering the most. Every morning children as young as 5 walk 3-4 miles to fetch unclean water from the closest river or stream. Up to 10 gallon buckets are then carried back home. This unclean water is a major concern as water and sanitation related diseases are one of the leading causes of death. Over 150,000 children under five die annually from diseases caused by unclean water (according to WHO data)!

Over the past 12 years ImaBridge Africa has provided the following to rural villages in Nigeria:

· Boreholes (wells) have been installed in eleven rural villages.

· Each borehole provides clean water to approximately 6,000 villagers.

· Solar power allows for continuous flow of clean water.

· One engineered borehole system can have several fetching points allowing easier access to the water by villagers in large spread out communities


On this World Water Day, can you help us to install a new solar powered borehole ($15,000)? 

Installation of a borehole in a rural village will provide clean water for approximately 15 years!


“... I was thirsty and you gave me drink, …” (Matt 25:35)





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