Greatest Need
Honduras Good Works ministers to the people of Honduras so they can break the cycle of poverty and alter the destiny of their country. We do this through medical mission trips, scholarship programs and vitamins for young children.  Donating to this fund gives the leadership of Honduras Good Works much needed flexibility in putting your money towards the most pressing current need.  
Fund a Need: Vitamins
Your $25 donation will supply vitamins and anti-parasite medicine to twelve children for one year. Their better health leads to better outcomes in school.
Fund a Need: Water Filter
Provide a family with clean drinking water for ten years by donating for the purchase of a water filter.
Fund a Need: Covid Food Relief
With lockdown orders and shelter in place the Hondurans we serve are in desperate need of food.
Fund a Need: Scholarship Program
Through our Scholarship Program  your donation of $275 will cover a family's cost for one year of middle/high school education for one child.