2022 Grow the Village Gala
Unwind In Tetonia, Idaho
4 night stay for up to 5 people in Black Beauty Cabin   https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/35764676?source_impression_id=p3_1654693796_0g1veBTkNucRkkuI   Expires October 2023. Subject to Availability.
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Down by the Bay
- 3 night stay in The Whoop House on Key Allegro near Rockport, TX - 2 Tupelo Goods beach bags - $400 in Free Fly gift cards - Deep Eddy gift basket   https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/52401053?source_impression_id=p3_1663649076_K2OYbo0dWxW2KDW3   Subject to Availability.  Expiration: December 31, 2023 Black Out Dates: November 23-27 2022, May 25-30 2023, June 28-July 5 2023, August 31 - September 5 2023
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Therapeutic Support
Foster Village staff includes seasoned social workers, Child Development experts, Behavioral Health specialists, and experienced foster and adoptive parents. They have an immense amount of knowledge and tools that they are sharing with caregivers on a daily basis to help children heal from trauma. All of their therapeutic support services are free to foster families, kinship caregivers, and biological parents of kids in foster care. $250 covers the costs of these professional services that typically aren’t accessible for the most at-risk families.
Critical Necessities
Over $5 Million in critical support provided since 2016. Every day families come to Foster Village’s resource centers to get new beds, car seats, clothing, and all of the basics for kids who were placed in their homes with just the clothes on their backs. The average Welcome Pack provided for each child is $500-$1000 worth of basic needs. This is the entry point for families to then receive holistic wraparound support from Foster Village until each child reaches family permanency.
Restoring Families
Through their Partners in Permanency program they’ve helped over 400 families safely reunify since 2016. Parents are equipped with proven tools and strategies, foster parents are trained on how to serve as an extension of family, and financial barriers like housing, transportation, and job training are bridged through these funds. This is the only program of its kind and setting a new standard for how we approach foster care.
A Village in Every Community
Foster Village currently has 11 locations nationwide with 3 more positioned to launch in 2023. $2500 helps cover the training costs the team here in Austin puts in to get a new location off the ground. This year they’ve been working on an innovative e-learning platform that will take their affiliate program to the next level in how quickly and efficiently they can train other communities on their model.
From Placement to Permanency
Over 2,000 vulnerable children served each year. Your donation ensures that all of their basic and therapeutic needs are met from the time they’re placed in a new home until they reach permanency through reunification or adoption. Foster Village’s goal is to break generational cycles of adversity by giving children and families the access they need to beat the odds.