About Forest Landowners of California

Our Mission
Forest Landowners of California promotes, preserves and protects family forest in California along with the rights and rewards of caring ownership and stewardship of family forests.

Our Vision
Forest Landowners of California has a vision of healthy, vigorous, satisfying and profitably productive working forests in California and enjoying abundant public approval for it.

Healthy, vigorous and productive working forests are:

  • actively managed to maximize forest growth;
  • actively protected against fire, insects and disease;
  • dynamic and bio-diverse ecosystems that achieve the individual objectives of the landowner including, if desired, family ownership success and onsite residency.
  • A healthy forest will also protect and enhance the public benefits, such as air and water quality, wildlife, wood products and jobs

Who We Are
Established in 1975, Forest Landowners of California is the only private nonprofit corporation representing your forest all 30,000 non-industrial family forest owners. Our members own property throughout the state ranging from small five-acre parcels to large ranches. What unites us is our love for our land and our commitment to promoting, preserving and protecting this precious resource.


Your donation helps us continue to provide high-quality programs and services to private forest
landowners throughout California.