Creating Unity Q & A and live stream after party: A live stream Q & A following the short documentary! Join us for a night of circus shenanigans!


Film Premier – March 26th @ 8:30pm | Live Stream Event – April 2nd @ 8:30pm


Join your ECTA coaches, who formed a quarantine pod throughout the filming, on Friday, March 26th at 8:30pm for Unity-- a short documentary premier about the creation of a flying trapeze show during a pandemic, and the unity that develops in the process. There will be a live chat box so you can watch with your friends!

In the week that follows, watch the film as many times as you like, come up with questions you’d like to ask, and tell us all the crazy things you’d like to see us attempt on the trapeze or on your favorite aerial apparatus.

Click here to submit both your questions for the artists and film makers AND wild circus requests!

One week later, on April 2nd at 8:30pm, you’re invited to a live stream party where we’ll answer your questions and attempt some crazy feats of circus artistry! We have ticket levels to accommodate everyone who wants to be a part of this super-fun event!  With just one ticket, you can be a part of all the festivities.




All ticket sales are stopped at this time. You can still make a donation. Please contact the event organizers if you have any questions.
$5 Level 1 Film, Folks & Fun!

With the purchase of this ticket, you will be able to join us for the premiere of our flying trapeze short film, get unlimited access to watch the video for the week, and attend our live stream party and Q&A!

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$10 Level 2 - Cast Photo

Have you missed seeing the smiling beautiful faces of all your favorite trapeze instructors? (We’ve definitely missed you!!)

We would love to offer you everything in the Film, Folks & Fun level AND send you a photo of all our beautiful smiling faces for your refrigerator! Or to frame above your mantelpiece, your choice. ;) We will even sign it for you and mail it to your door!

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$25 Level 3 - Chalk Bag

With the purchase of this ticket, you will have access to everything in the Film, Folks & Fun level as well as a chalk bag custom made for Emerald City Trapeze Arts students to use at your next flying trapeze class. And it will be shipped to your door! Please indicate your size in the comments if you’d prefer that we mail it to you, or if you’d rather save us the shipping costs, let us know and you are welcome pick it up at the studio 

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$75 Level 5 - Mystery Laugh-o-gram

Do you miss the old days and how the studio used to be and you just want to show your ECTA instructors how much you love them?! Maybe you just need an extra laugh?  This is the ticket for you!

Not only will you receive access to everything in the Film, Folks & Fun level, you will also be sent a super secret video surprise displaying a silly situation played out by your favorite instructors! We promise it will make you laugh, but you godda click it find out!

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$500 Level 6 - Associate Producer Status

Do you love your ECTA coaches as much as we love you??? That’s to say, more than anything else in the whole entire United States, world, and universe beyond? If you are willing and able to help us produce our film and make a contribution toward your favorite instructors and keep these classes rolling, this ticket is for you!

Not only will we give you access to everything in the Film, Folks & Fun level, we will also include your name as an Associate Producer in the film credits and add a special “thank you” to you, by name, in the film.

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