$2500 - “Visionary” Level
The Donkey Mill Art Center is a hub for the exploration of arts and culture to nurture individual creative expression and community resilience for the people of West Hawai’i and beyond.  Our vision is to establish West Hawai’i as a model of a resilient, thriving community where art is considered a necessity, not a luxury. 
$1500 - A Thriving Campus Ecosystem
Goal 1 of our 2021-23 strategic plan is to build the capacity of the Mill’s ecosystem where the land, facilities and our programs are equally cared for as interrelated, interdependent elements providing multiple access points for our diverse community to thrive through the exploration of arts and culture. 
$1000 - Community Engagement
Goal 2 of our 2021-23 strategic plan is to learn and grow with the West Hawai’i community in providing opportunities for connection and collaboration through arts and culture. We are reaching beyond our comfort zones to provide multiple access points for equitable, inclusive programs by and for, representing and reflecting, our diverse community in response to the critical need for unity.
$500 - Arts Advocacy & Partnerships
Goal 3 of our 2021-23 strategic plan is to connect with our diverse community through the arts to address systemic needs and deepen understanding of art as intrinsic to the human experience. If we don’t speak up for the arts in West Hawai'i, who will?! 
$250 - Exhibition Program
Our Exhibition Program offers much more than gallery space. It fosters multiple access points for engagement for emerging and established artists to exchange diverse perspectives on themes relevant to our geographic region. Each exhibit includes a suite of programs, including artist talks and hands-on workshops. 
$100 - Artists Residencies
As a strategic plan deliverable, our Program and Exhibition staff are closely collaborating to establish an annual schedule of visiting artists that energize existing studio programs, complement exhibition plans; and bring expertise and opportunity for creative exchange to our region's artists and wider community.
$50 - Our Studios
The Ceramics Studio is our only studio with funding for a full-time staff member: the one and only Jake Boggs, who has transformed it into a well-oiled machine. We hope that all of our studios (print, fiber arts, metals) may reach the same level of care and investment.
$25 - Our Community Partners
Our Community Partners now include individual and corporate donors near and far. We are united in our efforts to improve the quality of life for all in our community, across cultural and economic barriers. Thank you for collaborating with us!