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Who We Are:
Bowtie Kids - Courage & Confidence For Kids With Chronic Pain is an impact-driven, for-purpose organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for children and their families impacted by chronic pain. 


Our Mission:

To inspire courage and confidence in youth living with chronic pain and support their families by transforming lives through personal development, community building, and gardening to build a sustainable quality of life.


Our Vision:

We envision a world where kids get to be kids free of pain. 


Our Purpose:

To increase the social and emotional learning capacity of children and families impacted by chronic pain to reduce the levels of anxiety, depression, isolation, poor self-concept, poor self-expression, opioid addiction, and rates of suicide through interactive and experiential learning. 


Our Definition Of Chronic Pain:

We define chronic pain as an unbearable constant physical pain that limits and interferes with the childhood experience. 


Our Programs:

  • Bowtie Gardens is our 6-month STEM-based, urban farming program that aspires to create a fun, educational, supportive community for kids and their families so that they can better manage the disruptions they face that result from chronic pain. Bowtie Gardens provides gardening education, instruction, and training using gardening as a reflective tool (between plants and self) to help improve their quality of life. As they participate in the program, they are able to understand how nutritious foods address chronic pain and apply the lessons and knowledge obtained through gardening to improve their lives and the lives of others within the community.


  • Ways of BEing is our total wellness program designed to provide children living with chronic pain and their families access to holistic, therapeutic services to support their physical health and mental well-being. We partner with service providers who offer non-traditional, alternative remedies to support their holistic healing.


  • Kids Experiencing Empowered Support (K.E.E.S.) Club provides children and families opportunities to create relationships through structured social and community-building activities, encouraging play so kids can be kids. 


Thank you for your support and commitment to helping children living with chronic pain and their families build a sustainable quality of life.

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