About Austin Forum on Technology & Society

The Austin Forum on Technology & Society explores the impact of technology on society and stimulates discussions, collaborations, and partnerships on new technology opportunities.


Each month, we invite expert guest speakers to address cutting-edge technology topics and the impacts of those technologies on how we live, work, and relate to one another. Recent topics have included artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic editing, blockchain, cybersecurity, the role of social media in public discourse, and more.


Networking receptions follow to give all attendees and speakers the opportunity to connect and collaborate.

Founded in 2006, the Austin Forum has expanded its programming in recent years to include the Austin Forum Upload podcast; hands-on tech workshops; original written content on issues of the day; and more.


Thanks to the continued generosity of our sponsors and supporters, attendance at the Austin Forum monthly presentations and networking events is always free and open to the public.


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