About Achilles Football Club Foundation



Achilles Football Club Foundation is a 501c3 Local Non-Profit established in June of 2018 providing recreational and competitive soccer programs for the development of disadvantaged and underserved youth from the DC Metro area. Our values are aligned with the US Soccer Foundation standards, which has a "national model for sports-based youth development." We partner with local schools to create cost-effective programs for the students of the DC Metro area in which students will learn the fundamental skills of soccer while growing a passion for the beautiful game.








Here at Achilles, we provide a mult-age environment that is unlike any other program out there. The skills, flair, charisma, and energy our coaches brings to sessions can only bring out the same in the players. We believe that our players will become more confident and more determined - both on the field and in the classroom. Players are NEVER judged either! We don't care about age, skill level or anything else - all players in our sessions are there for the same reasons; to have fun and to improve! We also believe it is very important for students to build relationships which is something we will stress throughout our sessions. Talking to new players, encouraging a younger kid, or juggling with someone different each session, are things that we emphasize to our players.


Programs / Fundraisers

$1958 Week School Clinic Program
$195 for 8 week clinic (1 hour session per week)
$1,000Achilles Players League - Spring 2020
Teams can register for weekend matches for players in 1st - 5th Grade who want to have fun and improve on their game! Games are 6v6 including goalies, with referees. Two 25 minutes halves. Teams will play an 8 game schedule. Games will be played from 9am - 11am on Sunday morning @ St. John's College High School. (Min Players: 6 Max Players:10)




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