2021 Winter Fund Drive


Findlay Market is _____________________.




Good for the soul.


Findlay Market means something a little different to everyone. To you, it might be a family tradition, a weekday grocery run, or a delicious Sunday retreat. To many, Findlay Market is historic and loud and vibrant. To all, Findlay Market is community.


Bit by bit, with every purchase of soft sourdough bread, every conversation with a stranger at the meat counter, every coffee sipped at a red table as you watch the world go by, you nourish your body and soul, and you create the Findlay Market community.


YOU are the soul of Findlay Market. 


We have been able to do some amazing things this year thanks to the Findlay Market community, and we ask you to help us continue our small business support services, workforce development program, and community-building efforts by making a year-end gift.



Thank you for your generous support! 

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